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Got my first E30 (m50 content)

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    me likey teh concave


      Originally posted by iX-treame View Post
      Just sucks because there isnt a whole lot of huge things left to do and you cant dream about working up to having swapped a car like i do haha.
      that's true a lot of the fun is modding it yourself but I couldn't turn down a car like this that has pretty much everything I'd want already done to it.

      Originally posted by RickSloan View Post
      haha that'd be nice but I unfortunately doubt that would happen anytime soon.

      Originally posted by 416stroker View Post
      Looks like a nice car glad to see you found an E30
      Thanks man

      Originally posted by tangkenboo2 View Post
      Sweet pickup. That's alex's old e30. Have fun with it. Its a well put together car. It shouldnt let u down. :up:
      Yep, it's his old car. Very well put together like you mentioned! He did a quality job with it.

      Originally posted by MR 325 View Post
      Nice ride! Is this the car that used to be on SSR wheels?
      Yep, I believe he used to have those.

      Originally posted by Stephen View Post
      How bad are the roads? Your car really isnt that low. And i dont mean that as an insult. It looks good!
      I know it's not like super super low (around 3-4" of clearance from the lip) but there are slabs of concrete that stick up like 3-4" on the road.

      Originally posted by Kilawin View Post
      rear spoiler is ugly...i'll buy it off you :)
      haha I love the BBS spoiler

      Originally posted by Wh33lhop View Post
      Holy crap, that's awesome. Perfect ride height for those wheels/tires (225/45R15s I'd guess?). Makes me like the TRM 15x8s again.

      Thanks! the tires are actually 205/50/15s on the 15X8's. I probably will get 225/45/15s when I need new tires.

      How's the M50 running at 185k? That's exactly what I'm putting into my car, mileage and all. Also, be happy you've got the quicker rack. With the stock 4.0 turn rack the car isn't exactly darty (until you get used to it).
      It's running well. I know the previous owner took great care of it. The quicker rack is really definitely really nice.

      Originally posted by e30polak View Post
      Those are the 15x8s, that's why they're so concave.

      OP, nice way to start off mang. Get some M3 cams, injectors, MAF and a tune, then it'll be even more fun! :D

      What suspension is it running (springs and shocks).
      Wish I could get m3 cams but like someone else mentioned they won't work with the NV M50. Maybe I'll look into some schrick cams.

      The springs and shocks are ground control coilovers with 440lb front springs and 550lb rear springs.

      Originally posted by vivalegreg View Post
      um, engine bay shot
      Here are some engine bay and interior shots


        Nice score. Its fun to mod your own car, but its nice to find a nice modded one that all you have to do is turn the key and have fun.



          As for cams, what a lot of NV guys do is swap the stock intake (240deg, 9.7mm) to the exhaust (240deg, 9.2mm) and get a camshaft identical to the S5x's made for the intake (252deg IIRC, not sure on lift) since the stock intake cam pretty much matches the S5x's stock exhaust cam.

          Problem is, you still don't get that nice dual stage cam timing so you'll still be short of a TU with M3 cams' output.


            nice clean n simple e30....:)


              nice ride dude. Welcome