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    M Tech-ed out

    So a week before New Years, I stumbled across a good deal for an M Technic 2 kit. Downside was it came attached to a rusty-as-hell convertible 5 hours away. So onthe
    day after New Years, two buddies and myself hopped into a borrowed H3 Hummer, along with my dad’s little car trailer and set off for a bit of a cruise. Off from East Toronto to Montreal!

    It was a soggy, but fairly easy ride there. Here is me freezing my ass off, and my buddy checking the trailer connection. Look at the slushy trailer! We picked the best time to pick this car up! Ugh.

    We chatted with the owners of the Cabby, exchanged some money, loaded the heap up and set off to get home. 5 minutes later, after the hype of staring at the M Tech kit, we realized we forgot to get gas. This pic is literally a block away, look at all the snow and slush built up already!


    My buddy trying to be teh funnayyy

    Fast Forward to March.

    I started to tear into the Cabby once the snow was starting to disappear. Luckily, the kit was fairly intact, only a few blemishes here and there. The front valance was the worst, partly my fault as the car fell off the trailer ramps when I unloaded it back in a freezing -30 degree Celsius January.

    Off to the paint shop with the M Tech kit.

    Rippin' Proper | Youtube | Vimeo |

    Meanwhile, I started to focus on my car, getting mechanicals fixed up. A shitload of new parts, mostly suspension, and a new wheel+tires package for track. My last thread on here showed those, 17” Hoosier slicks on Kosei K1s. Here is the dusty car, as it rolled out of the shop, not looking in its prime, but ready to roll for the upcoming BMW club event at Mosport. Car ran well, sans a bit of rubbing from the tall 17” tires.

    The following week, I picked up my M Tech kit from paint. Missing from the picture was the wing and trunk.

    The tedious process began to install this kit. I started with the easy stuff. Started by doing the front bumper, which then I relized it was actually the lower valance first, then bumper. Doh! I had many of those moments throughout the install.

    Eventually it took shape.

    Missing a piece from the rear bumper slider, being on the weekend, the stealership was closed so I made my own slider out of a piece of delrin I found kicking around the shop. Good ol’ saw and file.

    Then, the dreaded skirts. No pics of that install because I had my work cut out doing it myself, as my friend who was supposed to help got a bit crunk the night before I guess. Was a challenge to hold up the skirts, without scratching them, marking the holes for the clips, etc etc. Ended up turning out alright. Sharp eyes will still notice the loops on the bottom for the clips to attach onto the Cabby rocker panels, which I later cut off. A simple L bracket I made from plastic thanks to the Cabbys plentiful plastic trims supplied a way to attach the side skirt to my rocker panel.

    The only thing I am waiting for currently are my M Technic stickers from the stealer (backordered, as usual)

    Rippin' Proper | Youtube | Vimeo |


      Here it is, in all it’s M Tech glory.

      1988 325iS

      2.7 M20
      LTW flywheel
      M30 AFM
      Adjustable cam gear

      H&R Race springs
      Bilstein Sport shocks
      E36 M3 steering rack
      M3 Cab mounts
      M3 front strut tabs/links
      Custom X-Brace

      OEM North American spec M Tech II bodywork
      Shadowline Trim
      Euro Ellipsoids
      Euro Grills
      Euro Rear plate filler
      Euro Plate (older style German plate)
      6000k HID lowbeams
      3000k HID fogs

      Chrome Gauge cluster rings
      Black painted gauge cluster
      BMW Motorsport/Italvolanti Formel Steering Wheel
      Black roofliner
      Black rear speaker shelf
      Leather E-brake knob and boot
      Wrapped door pockets

      Street shoes:
      15x7 et24 BBS aka 'Euroweaves'
      Toyo RA1 205/50/15

      Track shoes:
      17x7.5 et27 Kosei K1
      Hoosier GAC spec slicks 225/45/17
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      Rippin' Proper | Youtube | Vimeo |



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          Looks great!!


            hell yeah!!

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              So beautiful. So very beautiful. You have restored my faith in the Canadian species. Thank you.


                You, Sir, have just given me a new appreciation for the M-Tech II.

                Red makes this kit look so good.


                  holy shit, i just had to pause here. I cannot fathom the amount of win in this thread.

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                    Came out great and I'd have woke my buddy up ;)
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                      Great job! Thanks for the write-up and pics.
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                        nice bro. ehvvvveedddyyy nniiiccceee.gotta love brilliantrot
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                        Originally posted by naplesE30
                        Must stop clicking on Norwegian threads. Makes me wanna punch my car in da mouf.
                        Originally posted by einstein57
                        My tranny sounds like a blender full of walnuts. So I added sound deadner to the tunnel and put in a louder stereo. Am I doing it right?
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                          holy shit that is one of the cleanest M-Tech coupes I've ever seen
                          Congratulations man nice work

                          ]Real sht




                              Very nice work. Beautiful car. What'd you do with the cabby?
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