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'91 318is - Intro - A work in progress.

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    these are the nicest quality photos of a guy powerwashing an m42 I've ever seen

    neat car!
    cars beep boop


      Been a very long time since I've updated. I've been tinkering quite a bit with the e30 in the last few years. Some big things, and a lot of little things.

      It was down for about a year while I worked on redoing the entire front end suspension with OEM parts. Being a full-time student and having a big family, in addition to not having a huge income put my build and maintenance to a standstill. I also, unfortunately, lost my front iS lip to a big puddle here in SW FL.

      Plus, I was having to maintain my e46 wagon and Suburban, which are my family haulers and daily drivers, so I was not able to dedicate too much money towards the e30.

      I'm happy to say that it's now back on the road and driving amazing. In the last year I've replaced:

      OEM Ignition Switch
      Lemforder Control Arms
      Lemforder Tie-rods (entire unit)
      Powerflex Control Arm Bushings
      OEM Front Swaybar Bushings
      OEM Front Sway Links
      OEM Timing Chain Tensioner
      OEM Thermostat
      Hella Interior Lights
      Resealed Differential / Royal Purple 75-90 LSD fluid
      Powerflex Differential Bushing
      OEM differential plug/washer
      OEM radiator cap
      OEM Foglight Seals
      Tail Light Bulbs/All sidemarker bulbs replaced
      OEM Air Filter
      OEM Airbox Bushing Mounts
      OEM Antennae Seal Grommet
      OEM Driver Door Switch
      OEM Trunk Light
      Michelin Defender T+H 185/70/r14 Tires

      To do:
      Replace axle seals (have part OEM)
      Windshield Cowl Grilles (have part OEM)
      Exhaust Hangers (have part OEM)
      New Exhaust (Supersprint would be lovely.)
      New iS lip - need to paint and install (have part - OEM)

      I don't have a ton of pics but this was from last week when the differential work was completed. I have a 4.10 LSD medium-case differential. The car was weighed and it is right at about 2700lbs.

      Differential opened up, before being cleaned up.

      Final product.

      Thanks for looking.
      My 1991 318is Progression Thread


        Sweet car


          Nice car! Post some recent photos! :D


            Finally did this over the weekend. Clutch has been getting pretty bad over the last month. Turns out the rear main seal let a little bit of oil into the bell housing and caused the clutch to wear. It was already getting pretty low, so it was time.

            JB Racing 11lb aluminum flywheel
            ClutchNet Stage 2 clutch/pressure plate
            Sachs High Performance Throw Out Bearing
            Rear Main Seal
            Pilot bearing
            New Transmission Mounts
            1.3qt Redline D4 ATF



            Some quick exterior shots:
            I have a brand new OEM iS front lip that is primed and ready for paint, with new clips. Have to get it sprayed and mount it.

            The new clutch and flywheel combo just feel amazing. Truly woke the car right up. Car spins up fast, and the shifts and super smooth. Going to enjoy driving this throughout the summer.
            My 1991 318is Progression Thread


              nice! I most certainly are going with a lightweight flywheel when the time comes (again). Car is lookin' nice.


                Nice thread and great updates!
                Loving those mudflaps :D
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                  Some revving before/after videos for you all.

                  Before swap, with OEM dual-mass flywheel (27lb)

                  After swap, with JBRacing aluminium flywheel (11lb)
                  My 1991 318is Progression Thread