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'91 318is - Intro - A work in progress.

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    '91 318is - Intro - A work in progress.

    I wanted to wait to get my suspension parts in before I posted any pics, so here we go.

    Always been a fan of the BMW e30. Lived in Germany for 4 years thanks to the Army, and had a 1989 320i Touring. Loved that car to death.

    Picked a really good condition '91 318is up in Tampa a few months back. Florida car, no rust.. approx 150k on the odometer. It's no touring, but it'll do.

    Anyway, recently put my suspension parts in. Of course, H&R Springs/Bilstein Sport Shocks. FCP Groton 7-piece kit.. control arms, poly bushings, tie-rods.. all that fun stuff.

    Some other mods about the car:
    Front/Rear Strut Bars
    M-Tech 1 Steering Wheel
    Illuminated M Shift Knob
    New Alpine Deck w/ all new Pioneer speakers all around.
    Mark D 93 Octane Chip (M42)
    15mm Drop Hats
    New Custom Exhaust (sounds nice.. deep and not ricey at all.)
    New Transmission approx 10k ago.
    Newer Paint (Diamantschwartz)
    SICK ass tires.. "Federal" 195/60/14's that already blew a cord. (PO put these on.. absolutely terrible.)

    Anyway, here is a before pic. I am pretty sure it had absolutely stock parts that I took out except for one Moog tie-rod end, so the car drives amazing right now after replacing all the bushings.

    You can see that the car is pretty high. I might as well have had it lifted with mud tires. Handled like shit (the tires are garbage too.. but, fixing that soon) but it was still a very fun car to drive.

    Here is the car as of.. 20 minutes ago when I took the pics.

    (Blew a cord in my front tire the other day, replaced with the non-chrome spare)

    Here is a tweeter mod I did the other day. I picked up some Pioneer TS-T15 tweeters off of amazon. They came with these circular plastic holders. So, I removed the old tweeters (they didn't work anyway) used a Dremel to grind out the inner plastic until the new tweeter housings would fit, and super-glued them in there. Wired them in, and I think they look great! They sound great too.

    So, that's pretty much it.. I have high hopes for this car.

    Some future mods I am going to attempt. (I say attempt because I hate working on my car, and will probably end up burning it to the ground sooner or later.)

    Z3 Steering Rack
    Z3 Short Throw Shifter
    16x8 BBS Style 5's
    Crack-Free Dash
    New Gauge Cluster
    s50 Swap/Metric Mechanic Rally Engine (if I had the monies) (if my M42 ever shits the bed)
    And plenty more.

    Thanks for looking!
    My 1991 318is Progression Thread

    That's a clean car!!! Take good care of her. Me no likey redrilled 16" style 5s. Too close for comfort.

    SINdelle:E36 M3 5-Lug | 17x8 & 17x9 BBS RS | S52/ZF | 2.93LSD/3.5HFM/24lb Injectors/C&S Chip[B]SOLD[B]



      What wheels would you suggest?
      My 1991 318is Progression Thread


        Ok this is the second car I seen tonight that has mint darker tan sport seats! I cant find these anywhere in that condition.. Are they leather or vinyl? Very nice car! I never seen polished bottle caps before lol. I like the idea of the BBS style 5's.. would be nice and original. Awesome tweeter mod! And also is that shift knob the knob & boot combo???

        88 Zinno M3


          Thanks for the comment.

          The seats are definitely vinyl. They are starting to crack and fray near the driver bolster, unfortunately. Been trying to super-saturate with armor all and be careful with it.

          The wheels are actually CHROMED.. kind of crazy. I don't think I've seen them before either, but I've read that they are not too desirable? I hated them at first, but they look pretty clean IMO.

          Yeah I think the BBS 5's would look really good. They're pretty much like oversized basketweaves. I am trying to keep the car generally stock looking, but I need the bigger wheels! I can't rock these 14x6.5's much longer!

          Yes, the knob is knob/boot combo.
          My 1991 318is Progression Thread


            haha nice man. Well you can tell if they are vinyl buy them have perforations in the middle section of the seat, if its smooth there leather. Chromes bottle caps lol. At least you didnt spend that money getting them done, there really not desirable at all, but they look ok. The style 5's are very nice wheels, its just very hard to get someone to fill and drill them unless you know a machine shop that will. They are 5x120. I like the stock look. Im building mine with BMW parts off other cars to build what I want. Nice shift knob. There expensive otherwise id have one too. BTW you need euro parts fast! I can help with that.
            88 Zinno M3


              best part of your car are the tweeters


                Clean start!
                Mtech1 v8 build thread -

                OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


                  Update: Just picked up a set of BBS RS 16x7 front, 16x8 rear ET 20 wheels! 205/45/16 tires.

                  Will update pics when I get them on!

                  Thanks for the comments, guys.
                  My 1991 318is Progression Thread




                      Looks like a clean car and especially like that it's DS. Glad to see that the chrome bottlecaps are going away soon.


                        Love the tweeters they are super clean, can't wait to see what the ride will look like with the new BBS!


                          3 Aug 2010 UPDATE ----- PICS!@!@!1

                          3 August 2010 -- UPDATE!@!@!@!@!!11

                          So, took my last final today.. decided to wash and HAND WAX the car. Now that my wrist is good and sore, I can post pics.

                          Got some new wheels about a week ago. Staggered BBS RS 039(16x7) front 040(16x8) rear with some Dunlop Direzza 205/45/16 tires all around. Kind of stretched in the back.. not really my style, but they came with the wheels. Running 5mm spacers and 32mm tuner lug bolts.. it's sittin' pretty.

                          No need for "MOAR LOW" comments, 'cause I'm actually pretty happy how it sits.. I wish the springs (H&R Sport) were a little harder, but apart from that, the height is perfect.

                          Interior is the same. It's pretty much next on my list, but I am kind of wanting a Z3 steering rack.. so who knows.

                          To do:
                          Crackpipe Free Dash
                          Refresh the Gauge Cluster with new gears/bulbs (tach light is out, damnit!)
                          Z3 Steering Rack
                          New Shift Knob (old one is deteriorating.. sucks.. it's a nice illuminated M stripe leather shift knob.)
                          I'm kind of wanting to keep my M42.. possibly go metric mechanic at some point and get that sick rally engine.. it's so expensive though..


                          Ok so, on with the pictures. I'm no professional photographer and don't have awesome friends with mad photoshophack skills, so here's my Canon Elph SD1000 7.1 megapixelz glory.

                          Enjoy, thanks for looking!

                          My 1991 318is Progression Thread




                              very nice :up: