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[bricel24] 1986 Zinno 325 *UPDATED 10/12 - PAGE 2*

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    [bricel24] 1986 Zinno 325 *UPDATED 10/12 - PAGE 2*

    First time posting pics of the early model 325 that I have acquired in February this year. She had 192,xxx when I took ownership. EVERYTHING works, always have been a CA car, and the engine runs very smooth.

    The first area of attention were the diving boards and decided to do a facelift. After some time, money and effort, here is what she looks like now.

    Before anyone would criticize, I would like to point out:

    "Needs moar low!"
    Unfortunately I would not be able to drop this more to the ground due to the fact that it's my DD and I work in San Francisco where most garages I park at have very ****ty driveways. SF roads can be unforgiving. If I drop it more then it may be useless to me. The rear has settled more today than in the pics.

    Rear valance
    I am planning to cut an OEM rear valance from another member's part-out late model sometime soon and get it welded on.

    I do know the tips look ugly. That will be addressed sometime down the road. :)

    Front lip
    Yes, it's a HD lip LOL! I will be ordering an IS lip from RyanG soon enough.

    There are still a ton of stuff that need to be worked on such as bushes, brakes, seats. etc...). But this is an exciting project and so far I have been having fun with it.



    Thanks for looking! ;)
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      time for a rear valence swap.
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        dude, get the IS Lip from blunttech for $125 shipped with the hardware to install.
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          Looks good! No stanceworks or stretched tire crap. Just a clean E30. Thumbs up from me!


            Thanks! That's the goal - a clean DD. :)


              Originally posted by bernzpeed View Post
              dude, get the IS Lip from blunttech for $125 shipped with the hardware to install.


                Your car looks good! I like the everything about it minus the lip
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                Originally posted by nando
                also, I can't think of any BMW special tools you need to do a headgasket on an M20. you could nearly do it with the trunk tool kit, some bubble gum, and string.
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                  Nice updates. Very sharp car you have there.


                    Thank you!

                    The lip will be addressed soon :)


                      i like.

                      btw did you do the rear bumper mod yourself??
                      SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!
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                        Love the bumper swap!

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                          Originally posted by ohthejosh View Post
                          i like.

                          btw did you do the rear bumper mod yourself??
                          Thanks. Fortunately, I ran across someone local who planned on doing a facelift to his early model also and have done the rear bumper mod but then aborted the idea, so he posted it up on Craigslist and I swooped it up right away. Saved me lots of time and some money :)

                          Originally posted by NKRoberts View Post
                          Love the bumper swap!
                          Thanks! :)


                            More details on your method of rear bumper retrofit?
                            E30 buildy things


                              very nice!!!

                              if you want a standard "i" lip, i have one for sale. pm me if your interested.
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