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Sept. 2011 COTM "iwantspeed"

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    Sept. 2011 COTM "iwantspeed"

    Here we go again! Car of the month is back on, and sorry for the delay. it's set up a little more different this time and focus on the member and their car! So enjoy this beauty! It's one clean ride

    Member Spotlight- iwantspeed
    Location- Southern California
    Work- CNC programmer and machinist
    Family- long term relationship with my girlfriend
    Hobbies- e30's,photography & road biking
    I became interested in cars as early as playing with hot wheels on the kitchen floor
    My first car was a 1987 325e 2 door coupe m20b27 get rag 260 5 speed with a 2.93 diff.
    My current car is a 1989 325i 2 door coupe m20b25 get rag 260 5 speed with a 3.73 diff
    My friend in high school had a 1988 325ic convertible e30 in cirrus blue with tan interior, we went everywhere in that car.
    A year after I graduated high school my grandfather gave me his e30 and from them on I had the e30 bug.
    I was on the hunt for a alpineweib II no airbag 2 door 325is black int low miles low amount of owners socal car. BMW only made alpineweib II no airbag e30's for approximately 6 months. After searching for one for over a year when I found this one I persuaded the owner to sell it to me. Even though it was a 325 I not an is and even thou it had tan vinyl int vs. The black leather sport interior I highly desired. It had good bones and I could work with it.
    The goal for this car was to convert everything that would come standard/factory on an 325is and put it on this 325i.
    I have done just that. I'm missing a power sunroof limited slip differential is side skirts.

    Future plans
    Short term
    Hardwire aux input and usb
    Hardwire a radar active aux box, (currently backordered)
    3.73 lsd with an additional clutch pack and a z3 finned diff cover
    Machine my own delrin shift assembly bushings
    Long term
    Is side skirts
    Power sunroof conversion
    powder coat the intake and valve cover

    Words of Wisdom
    When on the hunt for that rare part, patience is key.
    Try looking for an e30m3 euro cluster with the oil temp gauge where the mpg gauge is, the speedo In k/m.
    Or a e30m3 complete suspension assembly front and rear
    Or a complete alpina vent gauge with all the sending units.

    Research who has access to resources you don’t. have the money ready to pull the trigger when it does become available because it won’t be for sale long.
    Word of mouth
    EBay motors
    Craig list
    All e30 related car forums
    Guten parts has a for sale section on there website

    Working on e30 sometimes is frustrating because a straight forward project throws you a curve ball, patience and the right tool for the job is the best solution.

    Inspirational build threads
    Greg's restoration
    The s52 repaint from the east coast
    my previous e30's build thread
    my previous e30's for sale ad.
    my current e30's build thread

    Natalie’s build sheet
    1989 325I
    Alpineweiß II
    Black e30 m3 interior
    5 speed
    120k miles
    removed ac
    removed power steering
    stromung exhaust
    x pipe drilled and tapped with a o2 sensor bung for a wideband gauge
    fresh air filter/ stock airbox with heat tape facing the engine
    Castrol 20w50 oil
    Diesel oil treatment flush
    Mahle Porsche oil filter (2inches longer then stock)
    new timing belt,tensioner
    Graf water pump metal impeller
    rebuilt head by a local machine shop
    Bosch cap
    Bosch rotor
    various vacuum hoses
    various radiator hoses
    new crank position sensor
    Jim Conforti chip
    new hood seal
    Bosch Platinum plus plugs
    modified throttle linkage bracket for clearance for the strut bar
    sparco strut bar
    wrinkle finish intake manifold
    wrinkle finish valve cover

    euro bumper trim
    euro plate filler
    euro grills
    chrome kidneys
    is front spoiler plastidipped black
    is rear spoiler paint matched alpineweib II
    alpineweib II mirrors
    resprayed rockers and lower rear valance

    us Hella ellipsoids retrofitted to look like euro smileys with re polished glass
    clear laminx low beams yellow laminx high beams
    black powdercoated headlight rings
    low beam ddm 5500k with ballast mounted inside the fenders
    clear turn singals lenses
    high beam
    nos tail lights
    led dome lights,glove box, and trunk lights

    E30 m3 black leather horizontal stitching sport seats
    E30 m3 black leather rear 2 person bucket seat
    E30 m3 rear seat belt conversion
    Rear center seat belt clip delete
    swapped the tan speaker covers for black ones
    black door panels front and rear
    Rear shelf was retrofitted for premium rear speakers and sprayed black
    crack free dash
    rebuilt cluster
    Garagistic odo gears
    early model center console (2 button vs 3 button)
    M-Tech 1 wheel large diameter
    E30 M3 map light mirror
    e34 ebrake handle
    e46 zhp 5 speed shift knob
    UUC EVO 3 shifter
    e34 ciggerate lighter
    removed panels in the ashtray
    Top gaitors shift boot
    Top gaitors custom length ebrake boot- to fit the e34 handle
    Custom adjustable clutch stop
    extra window breaker for a hidden garage door opener.
    extra window breaker used as kill switch for a Valentine1 radar
    bmwcca sticker on driver 1/4 panel on the happich window
    Bav autosport matts
    e30 specific sun-shade
    bav auto dash cover to protect it from the sun while parked
    air freshener
    pine tree mounted in passenger side sun shade
    cs-x3 mounted behind glove box
    2 customs California car scents mounted underneath off the seat bolts
    California car scents mounted inside rear ashtray
    steam cleaned carpets and matts
    no drinks or food in the car
    no smoking ever permitted

    7 series large tool kit
    stripped trunk( no sound deadening)
    2nd trunk light
    bmw oil bag
    mint spare
    carpet liners modified for the rear shock tower bar.
    archie's hooker sticker
    socal vintage authentic bmw parts sticker
    bmw roadside assistance sticker on the tool kit

    Ice upgrades

    alpine 9881 headunit
    alpine hardwire i pod cable stealth mount
    Eliminated speaker fader
    Ran new wiring to the speakers
    i pod nano hidden in center console
    Full premium sound conversion
    Premium sound tweeters front and rear
    Premium sound mids front and rear
    Valentine V1 hardwire with kill switch
    Garage door opener hardwire
    bosch battery
    90amp bosch alternator

    H&R Touring Sport Cup Kit
    21mm front Convertible sway
    new rear trailing arm bushings
    new rear subframe bushings
    10mm spring pads
    Turner motorsports aluminum/delrin rear shock mounts

    Ate rotors
    Ate pads
    6x Bimmer world stainless kevlar lines
    Ate super blue DOT 4 brake fluid

    Getrag 260
    Small diameter driveshaft
    new clutch master cylinder
    slave master cylinder
    UUC stainless kevlar clutch line
    clutch master cylinder to reservoir line
    UUC EVO 3 short shifter
    Custom adjustable clutch stop
    stock rebuilt shifter bushings
    3.73 open diff

    wheels and tires
    17x7.5 Kopi Alpina's
    4 lug casting
    Continental Extreme Contact tires
    No spacers
    slightly rolled fenders
    Sparco strut bar.
    Rongineer rear shock tower brace
    E30 motowerks skid plate

    future plans
    e30 m3 firewall harness covers
    -relay relocation to firewall
    -wire tuck and retape with harness tape
    a panel for the passenger side engine bay to cover the area in front of the wheel well


    euwerks3gauge pod,
    -vdo vision series
    - oil temp and oil pressure
    - innovative wideband gauge
    usb and aux in hardwire
    glovebox flashlight
    charcoal/anthracite carpet
    rear headrest


    3k hid fogs
    new fog lens

    I would like to thank Richard Michelagelo for allowing me to volunteer at his shop and allowing me to use his lift and air tools making some jobs a lot easier.
    I would like to thank Robert Calhoun for his skid plate and John for welding it in.
    I would like to thank Alex Meschi Leigh and Sean …. At Irvine Bmw’s parts department for always being soo helpful in purchasing parts from the dealer.
    Ron Jones for providing the experience in helping design the rear cross brace
    And my girlfriend for putting up with all the time I spend working on the car.

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    1992 BMW 325iC
    1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp

    Wow, seriously clean car

    I can has COTM? :)


      I approve
      world renown Harry Potter expert


        Woot Woot.....Alex deserved it.
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          Very nice car and very deserving of COTM. Sounds like everything is done right!
          Classic BMW Specialists
          Santa Clarita, CA


            Still waiting for my turn.


              Clean car, but "meh". Well kept but nothing special. No offense to the meticulous owner but this does not classify as COTM material to me.
              1987 325i-M60b44 swap


                very nice


                  Originally posted by Zacm829 View Post
                  Clean car, but "meh". Well kept but nothing special. No offense to the meticulous owner but this does not classify as COTM material to me.
                  Then what do you think should be COTM material?

                  1992 BMW 325iC
                  1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
                  1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp


                    Originally posted by JasonC View Post
                    Then what do you think should be COTM material?
                    Pretty sure he just want's one of vlad's cars each month. I say awesome work, the car doesn't need to be perfect as long as it's inspiring. Some people don't want to see box flares, ultra yellow lights, and 17x10.665 wheels.
                    1985 M10b18. 70maybewhpoffury. Over engineered S50b30 murica BBQ swap in progress.

                    Originally posted by DEV0 E30
                    You'd chugg this butt. I know you would. Ain't gotta' lie to kick it brostantinople.


                      Wow great car! I love everything about it!

                      This is perfect. Great looking, OEM-like/mostly OEM parts, not overdone, tastefully modded. This is exactly what COTM should be.:-D

                      edit: alpina replicas... meh. sorta ruins it for me.
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                        Originally posted by Danny View Post
                        Still waiting for my turn.

                        Oh, you where serious.

                        Need a part? PM me.

                        Get your Bass on. Luke's r3v Boxes are here:


                          Alex Rules!

                          Way to go buddy!
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                            great car man, really deserves COTM.
                            i also think that (i forgot members name) the guy with the calypso coupe with image wheels should DEF get a COTM, but at the same time ive seen his car in many features.


                              this car has very well deserved it's spot on cotm. he has put so much effort and spent so much time on every little detail on this car and it absolutely shows. fantastic.

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