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  • bimmerteck
    He's come a long way since. :)

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  • agent
    With the mechanicals sorted enough to not worry about getting stranded, I set out to begin the body work. The first order of business was to DA all the rattle can primer off the passenger side to see what it was covering up, fix the bad spots then put primer back on them:

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  • agent
    After getting it home and looking over it more carefully, my good friend next door (who's in the car business and accompanied me on the purchase) and I discovered that despite not being in the best of shape, every body panel on this car was original. After more than a little persuasion from him, I decided to change tack and do a street restoration instead of risking wadding it up on a track somewhere.

    The car needed a significant amount of cosmetic work to bring it back to its original glory, though the mechanicals appeared to all be in very good condition and fairly well-mainained for a twenty-three year old car. Another friend manages a garage a few blocks from my office, which I have used for services on various vehicles over the years that I coudn't do myself. He has a three-bay garage on his farm where he does work on the side, including body and paint. He was happy to let me come use his garage and teach me some body work basics in exchange for the cost of any materials I used and a per-visit vig of a suitcase of Bud Light. That's one hell of a deal if you ask me.

    But before I could begin driving the car to go do the body work, I needed to make sure I could trust the car enough to drive it to and from my friend's place. So I read up and was given direction and invaluable help from my father-in-law, who's been wrenching BMWs for more than three decades. The following list of items was completed in March of 2010:

    new parts:
    timing belt
    timing belt tensioner
    water pump
    coolant hoses
    breather hose
    plug wires
    distro cap
    diff fluid
    oil filter
    air filter
    door handles
    door handle trim plates
    new brakes/rotors

    used parts sourced:
    diff (thanks RobertK!)
    aux fan (thanks Mark @ Club Racing Radios!)
    US ellipsoids (thanks Mark @ Club Racing Radios!)
    passenger door window motor
    driver side seat belt receiver
    alternator bracket
    firewall drain spout
    door seals
    door seal trim plates
    misc. switches

    A couple of months later it warmed up enough outside to start getting into assessing the cosmetic work. From April 2010:

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  • agent
    started a topic agent's build thread: Klaus

    agent's build thread: Klaus

    This project has been a while in the making, but now that the end is actually in sight I figured it was time for Klaus to get his own thread.

    In 2009 I set out looking for a car that I could turn into an autocross flogger, which would graduate to track rat and eventually grow up to be a SpecE30. I knew I wanted a 325is and I preferred the look of the early valances. After searching regionally for several months I found a CL ad for a 1987. Klaus was purchased for the asking price of $800 and driven the 35 miles to his new home. For the record, my wife names all the cars. As far as I know Klaus got his name from the fish on American Dad, and likely at least in part because that's the only German name she knew at the time...

    The day I brought him to the house in February 2010: