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Rudeboi's "Daisy" e36 dakar content. -o and 1 e30 shot!

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    Rudeboi's "Daisy" e36 dakar content. -o and 1 e30 shot!

    First apologies for lurking so long. Been getting some inquiries on the e36 in my signature so here she is; revealed.

    Meet Daisy:
    after first round of mods, waiting for the right wheels to pop up:

    then got these:

    before spacers, dialing in height and 17x8s all around:

    w center caps, I like the more dimensional look without them so they stay off:

    now with 9's in the back, lowered more, spaced to et10 all around:

    anyone know what these plants are called, love them!

    without the turbines on:

    O - and a shot of my e30. She was in a photoshoot this past weekend at the Alameda Naval Base so some good pics should be coming soon! Be sure to check out the page I just started! If you're like-minded and have some rude machinery - would be happy to send you some decals to rock like the one shown below!! ;-)
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    oy, nice E36, and I don't like them very much, but yours is clean :D

    more pics of e30?
    Youtube channel is up!-->According2Valentine

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    If lucky, the E36 will die peacefully, in its natural habitat, and be given the prestigious honor of donating its parts to an E30
    Originally posted by J3M93
    This guy delivers, you are a boss


      Lime it!


        where in the bay you at?
        don't care much for the e36 but moar pix of dat e30.
        fuck that's a clean shwarz


          E30 looks good
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            would floss both on the daily

            Turbo M42 Build Thread :Here
            I like the tuna here.
            Originally posted by lambo
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              What are the specs on your e30?
              I want a nice set of smoked MHW's (I know, get it line)
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                Originally posted by StereoInstaller1
                Maybe 300 CANADIAN HP, thats like 225 US HP.


                  I love the wheels and I do like Dakar but I don't think the colors work together. ;)

                  What size tires are you running on the E36?
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                    I follow you on FB, lol and didnt even know you were local.

                    Edit; pics of triumph too please :)
                    SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!
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                      Nice e30!
                      The e36 is... well it's just an e36
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                        For being an E36 it's pretty fucking sweet though, I can dig it.
                        Different strokes for different folks.


                          not normally a big fan of the bright wheel thing, but they work for some reason.

                          two nice looking/clean cars, scott.
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                            come here rude boy boy can you get it up


                              i like both cars alot.. The only thing I would change would be the color of the m systems/turbines. Not really feeling the dakar on green

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