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1991 325i

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    1991 325i

    Hey everyone my name's Allen I've been on this forum for years now and posting my third e30 as well as introducing myself. the first 1990 325is i had was roached i mean ragged and rusted! it was traded in place of cash for a twin turbo stealth, the second was a 1992 convertible i was screwed on the title for so it was traded back (i should of just stripped it) :(
    I have moved to arkansas since previously living in saint louis and i have been sitting on this 325i for over a year now, it started april last year when i came to her house and knocked on her door asking about her e30. at the time she was at $2400 and i was simply a broke college student driving a lexus sc400 only wishing to be in the driver seat of another e30. a year and some months later she comes down to $1800, at first glance the car never appears to be worth even $2400 but i know i am one person that does not take a non rusty e30 as common. at $1800 i had to dive in and payed her $800, $250 then $750 in a months time the drive home was smooth as this is the first e30 i've owned that has no real vibrations and not completely shot every bushing.

    7 keys... lol

    Below is one problem i will need to sort out, the upper headlight assembly mounting tab is bent (car side)

    Below is a common area I have noticed over the years many E30's have rust, this one however does not, though it has a problem area that will have to be sorted out... looks like someone jerked on the tow hook bending part of the valance?

    Below shows a sample of how the clear coat is peeling, their are areas all over the car like this, when i first inquired about the car april 2011 their was one small spot on the trunk lid, now they are all over the car (repaint required?) the car was repainted in 2005
    also the rear bumper is shot, i noticed i can still buy a brand new one from bavauto for $295

    The car spent more years in california than it did in arkansas so this is no surprise, the worst cracked dash I've seen so far. i was thinking of filling and flocking.

    only problem with the seats. i will be keeping the comfort seats, kevin quoted me $625 for front and rears (black)

    here is what i drive everyday and what i will drive when the e30 is disabled

    other problems
    someone put power steering fluid in the reservoir, i will drain it and put atf in and see if the pump is burned up or not, rack does not leak, but i am interested in deleting the power steering anyway for an "empty" engine bay mod
    blower motor is out
    a/c was converted but needs charged/checked for leaks
    odo gears need replaced
    small tear in headliner (kevin quoted me $115 for new material)

    my first mods will be
    to maintain the car
    timing belt tune up and the lot of other associated parts replaced with this job
    tie rods
    control arms
    sway bar links
    all rear bushing (besides flex disc and csb)
    replace all broken items mentioned above
    then the fun mods
    g260 swap <~~#1
    ditch the 4x4 ride height, any suggestions on a relatively inexpensive setup? (not cut or heated springs)
    euro bumper trim
    euro grills
    i cant afford BBS HRE or borbet type A's like i want so i was thinking some BBS crown victoria wheels? do they fit with a adaptors? i like the look of style 5's though
    i also like the widened steel wheel look lol
    painted kideny's as well as window trim
    yellow fogs
    bmw front plate filler
    flush mount rear plate filler (us rear plate filler i think? i dont care for the euro)
    all red tails
    then focus on what to do with the rear valance area, and if i have to because bending the headlamp mounting tab doesnt get it perfect again i will replace the radiator core support. repaint if clear coat cannot be fixed (i know nothing about paint work)
    after this i really really want to rebuild a 2.7 stroker setup, ditch the cruise, abs, power steering, windshield washer tank and setup, relocate all wires through fender, m3 harness cover, shave many brackets and just go for a very clean simple engine bay... cant delete the a/c though I guess I'm a wiener.
    after a month of financially recovering from purchasing the vehicle (mid august more than likely) ill make myself a project thread :)
    thanks for looking

    32 posts in 5 years? Wow...king of the lurkers finally brings it home.

    Looks like the car needs some lovin', but also seems like you are getting that well in hand.

    Keep it up, man, good work so far.

    Don't be so damn shy though, you do have stuff to get with it!

    Welcome to R3V


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      haha yes.. i went to college for forum creeping XD
      thanks for the kind words look, i might want to talk to you about one of your sub boxes... but the sub i have is a 15" kicker L7 :|


        bump, need some opinions/advice on suspension and the sort


          not bad!

          suspension: everyone loves are billie sports and h&r race/sport springs.
          I have kyb ga2 and vogtland springs. too soft. okay for dd though. it's also about half the price of the prior option.


            this car will be a very nice cool day and weekend car mostly so i wont be DD it. i know a lowered car comes with upgraded suspension but i was thinking of what is the best setup for me if i go 16x8 all around (unknown offset) the billie and h&r are a great option and have been tested and work, but i cannot seem to find a complete package on this setup... i was for sure at one time i saw a complete package that consisted of that setup lol


              last night i decided i didnt want my ODO stuck on 95k miles anymore when really the car has more like 165k so i ordered a VDO gear set from for $17, i noticed the new gears are all plastic, should i coat them in some sort of plastic grease? or install just as they come?
              i also painted the needles using revlon red nail polish :)


                Welcome back I guess. I lurked for about 2 years also before I owned up to being a contributing member here. I cant wait to see what else you have planned for the car. what are your plans as far as the interior of the car? Gut it and put a roll cage?


                  Originally posted by e30runner View Post
                  Welcome back I guess. I lurked for about 2 years also before I owned up to being a contributing member here. I cant wait to see what else you have planned for the car. what are your plans as far as the interior of the car? Gut it and put a roll cage?
                  thanks! :)
                  nah i will keep it fairly simple i will be keeping the comfort seats if until i cant find a rare set of seats to put in it, kevin has already quoted me $625 for front and rear black material for the seats
                  that dash i plan to fill bondo and flock it, maybe a nardi steering wheel and just clean it up really well, i will more than likely dye the carpet and door panels next week black.