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COTM ~June 2013~ mikeedler

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    COTM ~June 2013~ mikeedler


    The story of my 1986 E30 M3.

    It was one of the first 300 made, and is a non-cat 200h.p. Version. The original color was Diamantschwarz. The car was first registered in 1987 after sitting in a dealership showroom just outside of Münich for almost a complete year. It had 4 owners before me, one of which was the owner of that dealership.

    How I came about the car is a story all in itself. In 1999 I had a 2.7 M tech II touring and one day a local guy who owns an Irish pub not too far from my house showed up at my door and asked if I would like to trade my touring plus some cash for his M3. I had seen his M3 a few times and wanted it really bad, but didn’t have the money to pick it up and needed my car for a daily. I wanted to save the M, and had been watching it for a while too, his plans for it were to yank the motor and stick it in his 2002 at the time and part out the rest of the car. So after a bit of talking (he needed a new touring to haul his kegs of Guinness since he had recently wrecked his) I told him about my 1997 S10 I had that was unregistered in a neighbors barn. (A story in itself) So we agreed to trade even up for my S10 with a grand total of 11,000 miles at the time. My wife went nuts about trading a new truck for an old broke 13 year old 3 series, no one could understand what I was thinking! (only a true E30 head can) This car was at least the 40th BMW I had owned, and 20th E30 back then.

    On my way home from the trade my big grin quickly disappeared. The shaved front emblem (bodyfiller) flew off the hood, and about 5 miles down the road, the car quite running. I had to tow the car the rest of the way home…. The P/S pump was held on with hose clamps, and the complete rotor and finger MELTED causing the car to stop running. Upon further inspection, the car needed a TON of work even though it only had 130,000km on it.

    ~Mod list~

    -EVO II camshafts
    -EVO III lightened flywheel
    -Chip from some tuner in the 90’s around here
    -Non-cat exhaust with FMS stainless muffler
    -E31 850i motormounts
    -E28 transmounts
    -M coupe rear diff cover with a 3,25 dif

    -Electric Orange paint (euro FORD focus ST 3 stage paint)
    -EVO II front chin spoiler
    -EVO III rear spoiler (fiberglass)
    -EVO III hood seals
    -Flared wheel wells
    -Motorsport handles
    -Smoked Hellas
    -Star-tec taillights
    -Rear plate filler
    -Mosley Motorsports DTM mirrors

    -Lowered spring perches with e90 drop hats and customized strut tubes to --drop the Bilstein inserts lower into the tube
    -Bilstein rear shocks w/ M coupe reinforcents and RSMs
    -80mm dropped springs
    -BMW camber strut plates
    -Aluminum Control arms
    -AC Schnitzer strut brace
    -Every bushing/joint new OE BMW parts

    -Ferrado pads with Sandtler drilled and slotted rotors
    -Steel braided lines
    -Bigger bore master cylinder

    -BBS RS:
    Front 212 et 13 8,5 X 17 w/ 215/40/17
    Rear 197 et13 9,5 X 17 w/245/35/17

    -All stock black leather W/rear sunshade
    -EVO III M tech II steering wheel
    -Backlight 1 piece shifter w/boot
    -Ashtray delete w/ablagefach

    Here is the oldest picture I have of the car, it had to have been taken in 2000 after I got the thing running and replaced a lot of the damaged/broken stuff.

    a few other older pics in the color NEPTUNTURKISMETALLIC

    I drove the car in this color up until 2006 when I had finally had enough of always hearing “ohhh, It’s Stephan’s (P/O) old car” In 2006 is when I began working at the local BMW dealership, and figured, why not just rip the car completely apart and just go through everything! Up until this point, I had put about 3000km on the car in the 6,5 years of ownership.

    Here’s a few pics of the car in part during the “respray”

    how it sits now:

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    Current cars:
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    ~ '87 535
    ~ 01 540 Msport 6spd
    ~ '06 X5 4.8is



      Oh My...


        bout time. always had a soft spot for orangetang m3s.
        IG: @Baye30



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          Originally posted by SpasticDwarf
          Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.


            Originally posted by kronus
            would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


              simply gorgeous

              The Build:


                Very, very well deserved! Far and away one of my favorite cars on R3V!
                Originally posted by LJ851
                kingston is the play by play announcer for this thread.
                ‘Tis by the grace of God that my cars run!

                Originally posted by unloadedak
                Siobhan's Build Thread - UPDATED!


                  took long enough, beautiful m3, always been a fan
                  Originally posted by Wh33lhop
                  If you actually stay within your budget, you are not a true car enthusiast. True story.


                    Ah yes I love this thing so much.
                    I normally funking HATE orange and yellow cars, but this is great.

                    Great COTM feature.


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                      Also long overdo in my mind. Well deserved.

                      Mike you still run that bed and breakfast? ;)

                      (Knowing how many r3v members have stopped by/stayed at your place.)


                        Incredible. Looked good in the black too. I'd love to build an nice M3 up one of these days.



                          Lucky to say I've had the honor of seeing this beast in person and doing a bit of Autobahn cruising. Looks great as always Mike.
                          1989 M3
                          2008 135i 6sp


                            I live m3's with the lip pulled a bit - looks so sexy.
                            Originally posted by Matt-B
                            hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?


                              IMO E30 M3s should ALWAYS be COTM. :-D