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Anyone a Datsun fan?

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    Anyone a Datsun fan?

    Who else on here owns or has owned a Datsun? Post your picts.

    My favorite 240z that I had and foolishly sold:

    My current 260z(of death), soon to be for sale/trade to fund M3 domination:

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    i love z cars


      Pftt I grew up riding in my fare share of Datsuns. 510s, 120ys, 160Js, 180Js, Bluebirds, Cedrics blablabla

      I know I will get one someday but at the rate at which they are scare and rust, a 2002 seems to be a more rewarding waste of money (Yes, I know what I said and it's possible!)


        Nice small block swap

        Z's are the shit!
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          If you are a fan of oldschool japanese cars...

          is all i have to say. Check out the 1st generation skyline with the r34 motor in it on page 7. wow


            I'm getting a Z. They are so choice.
            The BMW 318 is back. With a vengeance.


              That yellow Z is beautimus!


                That blue one is sex.


                  Agreed, that blue one is sex! And the 350 is a great swap for those things!

                  Here's a local guy, I love his car:

                  never enough money...

                  '95 240sx base - RB25DET in progress
                  '87 325ic - Project daily


                    that yellow z, is mint...have heard many good things about the z's on the track too


                      Raced Zs at Road Atlanta in the mid '80s. Fun fun fun.

                      Now I'm feeling the need to find a nice 71 or 72, and make it run....really well.

                      5 speed swap, x-flow head, etc...

                      I so love "basic" non-complicated cars. I wouldn't want a new 5 or even a 3 the way electronic bullshit has taken over every little function. Bring me that 1 series with the M package, though...:twisted:


                        I'm on my 2nd one. my first one was an early 71 that just wasn't worth it.

                        here is my new one, mostly restored just needs paint.

                        got 11.4" kit for the rear using 240sx calipers, gonna do the toyota 4x4 4 pistons up front w/300zx rotors, roll bar, seats, and suspension. then if I play my cards right, I'll buy an rb26dett and start fabbing it up in one of our spare z's

                        from the track day at watkins glen for the z fest, had a blast

                        between my father, uncle and I, i believe we have like 7 or 8.

                        Mad mike taylor's Z and my dad's

                        engine bay of one of my dads main z

                        their newest project is a 72 from arizona, bought it as a shell, no rust for the most part. got a 2.8 w/5 sp in there.

                        both my dad and uncle rebuilt their motors last year. uncle has a 73 with g nose, flared fenders, wide wheels, dual webers, etc.

                        here's just a random clean engine bay from the z fest
                        Originally posted by blunt
                        can you get me a deal on cases of their (fiji) bottled water? i wash my 02 in that shit



                          holy jeebus. Not bad, not bad at all...

                          -Peter G
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                          '91 318is slicktop project
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                          '00 Tundra


                            Ive always been a dime fan. Heres a few of my favorites....

                            From Limerock


                              I'm a Datsun fan.

                              They had some amazing cars. I'd love to pick up a dime...
                              1988 M3
                              2005 330ci