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COTM ~Aug 2013~ Nick325is

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    COTM ~Aug 2013~ Nick325is

    Attn r3v members, I had a bad streak of 3 members passing up COTM after saying yes. I know it is a few days past, but it was worth it! I give you my great friend's minty swapped 2 door. I have had a lot of dealings with Nick in the past and he is nothing but the best dude to hang out with. Talked to him about a feature while attending Gfest '13 together. Here it is after a quick shoot today and my editing the raws for him. Enjoy

    My e30 journey started in 2001 when I turned 16 and purchased a Schwarz 1990 325is with 104k miles. The first few saw no major changes to the car other than a set of Alpina Kopis and an H&R cupkit.
    In 2003 the car was nearly totaled when an old lady ran a red light and hit my front end. 5000 dollars in repairs later the car was back on the road, still not sure why insurance didn’t total it but I am glad they did not.

    In 2006 I switched from the cupkit to ground control coilovers and koni shocks along with the Ireland Engineering big sway bar kit. I was very happy with the new setup but grew tired of the replica Alpinas. I picked up a set of 3pc staggered 17" Artec MI wheels from a member on VWvortex. They were on the car up until I traded them with Brandon (F34R) for his BBS RS 137s last year.

    2007 saw the e30 hit 165000 miles. Shortly thereafter I blew the head gasket and warped the cylinder head a bit. I had all intentions of fixing the m20 and turboing it but decided to do the 24v swap instead. I picked up an m52 out of a 98 528 along with all of the obd1 conversion items and everything else for the swap. At this point I was garaging my car at my parent’s house which was 2 hours away from where I lived. I did not come home very often and sadly my car sat in the garage with no engine for at least a year before I finally completed the m52 swap.

    Moving onto 2009 I am ready to fire up the m52 for the first time. I fill up the coolant and do a quick walk around the car and notice something dripping out of the headers. I found coolant running out due to the fact that the cylinder head was cracked. So much for that clean 74k motor that a member on here sold me.

    I took the opportunity to buy an s52 cylinder head and cams to replace the cracked head. I purchased it from a Bimmerforums member who decided it would be a great idea to ship a complete cylinder head in a thin cardboard box with no padding. I received the cylinder head with valves sticking out of the box it was shipped in. So, after replacing valves and making sure the head was not bent or damaged I finally got the e30 on the road again!

    In 2013 I got a full Schwarz respray done on the car along with the addition of Brandon’s BBS RS’s. As she sits now Cecilia has 186,000 miles and my swap is running perfectly. I have now owned her for 12 years and put 82,000 miles on her. I have no plans to ever sell her and hope one day that my kids can appreciate her as much as I do.

    Mod List

    -98 m52 converted to obd1 with s52 cams
    -3.5” 540 MAF with Bimmerworld silicone intake boot and AFE cone filter
    -Supersprint replica headers with Magnaflow high flow cat and 2.5inch piping to Vibrant muffler
    -Spal Pusher fan and AC delete
    -Power steering delete
    -Stewart Racing high performance water pump
    -The Racers Market custom chip
    -JB Racing 8.5lb flywheel and Clutchmasters stage one clutch
    -Z4 3.0 short shifter
    -320i brake booster and e34 m5 master cylinder
    -Stock getrag 260 trans with 3.73lsd

    -Ground Control coilovers with 450/650 spring rates
    -Shortened Koni front struts with shortened strut housings courtesy of F34R and top adjustable rear koni sports
    -Ireland Engineering 25mm front sway bar with no rear sway bar
    -Condor offset control arm bushings
    -Powerflex high durometer subframe, trailing arm, and differential bushings
    -Stainless steel brake lines
    -Sparco front stress bar
    -Ground Control touring camber plates

    -Fresh Schwarz respray
    -OEM IS sideskirts
    -Euro trim
    -Hella smoked smilies with ddm 5000k hids
    -Hella French fogs
    -MHW smoked turn signals
    -DIY tinted taillights
    -DIY shadowline trim
    -Reiger infinity front spoiler with custom splitter
    -16x8.5/16x8 BBS RS 137s powdercoated by Dave and built by Brandon with Adaptec adapters
    -205/45/16 Bf Goodrich G force sport tires
    -rolled and lightly flared fenders

    -Dyed black carpet and rear deck
    -Full Houndstooth black sport interior( I have the other seat it’s just not in the car currently)
    -330 zhp shift knob and e36 leather ebrake lever with crappy purchased on R3V shift boot and ebrake
    -Jaywood voltmeter
    -JVC arsenal head unit with Infinity 6 channel amp and Infinity Kappa components
    -12 inch Infinity Kappa subwoofer with GAS e30 deck lid ported sub box and amp panel

    Some shots I took of his car @Gfest '13

    The man himself lowering the car after MANY convincing words from myself haha. NJ roads suck
    Glad you rolled her down :)
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    Well. That's just perfect! Love everything about this car. Congrats on the COTM!!
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      gawd so black, i love it so clean!!!!!!!!!!!


        So that's where your RS's went...

        Originally posted by SpasticDwarf
        Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.


          wow 82 thousand miles that a long time
          88 325is Five Speed


            Originally posted by lambo View Post
            So that's where your RS's went...
            ;) yup, they went home.

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            Instagram: @BWeissLeather

            Current cars:
            ~ '87 325 M30B35 swap
            ~ '87 535
            ~ 01 540 Msport 6spd
            ~ '06 X5 4.8is


              damn this things pretty


                Great choice on COTM! I've been wanting to see more pics of this one. :D
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                  Awesome car, looks super aggressive. Good to see one that's been owned and appreciated for such a long while


                    Holy reflective paint, batman.

                    Nice car Nick!


                      That paint!



                        Well done, sir.
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                        I get the feeling you don't all talk like that ;)


                          one of my favorites


                            one word. perfect! thanks for sharing


                              i hope to put a lot miles like that on my e30 too, since i was 17 i've only put 26,000 miles on it.

                              your car looks fantastic! love the custom rs and rieger.

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