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15 inches of Japan's Finest...

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    15 inches of Japan's Finest...

    Hey guys,

    Thought I'd post up a few pictures of my new wheels. I have been running RS's for awhile and when a friend wanted to buy mine, I began looking into other options. I've been wanting to go to a 15" for a few months to try and gain some road comfort...roads in Norfolk are terrible and with a certain sale of my old wheels, I started my search.

    I found a set of Work Equip 03's. This is a wheel I have lusted over since my Nissan days. The price was right; they were new, and their size/spec was amazing! The specs are 15x8 +7 4x100 all around, 3.2" lips and I got a good deal on some 205/50/15 Dunlop Direzza DZ101s. Also in my new setup is a Motorsports Hardware 75mm stud kit; thanks Kalib0y!

    I knew the fitment would probably be a little tough. You can see in the pictures above that the backspacing on the wheel is minimal. I had to shave a few mm's of brake caliper off the the front and run a 7mm spacer plus run some more camber than I really wanted but I think it looks killer. Beauty requires effort, haha! On the back side, no special fitment quirks, but I am running a 10mm spacer just to keep up with the fronts. Based on some rubbing I am getting, I'll probably step it back to 7mm as well. Effective offset will be +0, in the pictures it is +0f, -3r. I already had my fenders rolled for my BBS otherwise there would have been more effort required to fit these.

    Here are some tripod kept the camera on the ground, so sorry for all low angles! I'll get some more this week and in daylight. Enjoy!

    Fitment...just a little poke!

    And, the money shot!

    Thanks for looking!

    looks good!


      You should paint your rear valence all white. It would match the rest of the car better, I think.

      It looks fantastic though!


        Looks really good!

        M42 on VEMS


          Id like to see a 55 series on there. A+ for equip'd e30s

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            I lime.


              thats hawt




                  Great look. Sweet pics.
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                    Much clean!!

                    Looks really good for a 15!
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                      Sick whiipppp. What are you running for springs?


                        Love these wheels, just wish you got better tires for your ride height.
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                          Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

                          Ecrossdaily, I am running BC coils.

                          F34R, once I get my low-profile oil pan on this week or next, I'll be coming down a bit more!


                            always loved these wheels. first wheels I ever put on a mk2 gti lol. looked fab!
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                              Never cared for these wheels.

                              Until now - really nicely done!
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