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COTM ~Dec 13~ KoKoSe7eN

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    COTM ~Dec 13~ KoKoSe7eN

    My addiction started in the summer of 2011. I met a new friend that had an e30. It's not until he showed me his m50 swap that I saw the potential of these cars. Few weeks later he let me test drive!!! I sold my 2004 Mazda RX-8 that same week and bought a 1991 318is the next day. Then the start of an addiction!

    In the beginning, my plans on the car were simple. I wanted the same thrill I had with my first experience in a swapped e30, so I wanted to swap mine too. I purchased the engine and the suspension in Dec/2011. During the time I was waiting on the parts, I stripped the whole car down and decided to change everything! So my interior, suspension, engine, trunk, windows, sunroof, ect were off! My simple plans when simply crazy. I cleaned everything that I could and reinforced what I needed. When my engine and suspension came in, I took the engine apart. I sealed it back up and I was ready to swap. My plans were to have modest car visually but have a lot of power and balance. I still wanted it to have all the luxury of the new cars so I wanted a fully functioning car with brake booster, abs, air conditioning, power steering and complete interior. During the time of the swap, I couldn’t believe how addicted I was with an e30. It had so much potential!! I finished the interior, engine and suspension 2 months later on Feb/2012. That same month I BAR’d the car and it was a blast to drive as a daily!!! I thought I was done! I was wrong… a few months later I decided I wanted to put a supercharger and bought one off a friend. After the installation...Just wow! During the months after, its been a ritual to check on r3v and craigslist for parts daily, even till this day. My recent mods today is the genuine mtech ii kit. E30’s changed everything for me. I will be a lifelong fan of these cars. Can’t say my future plans just yet, but I will share it as soon as I’m ready.

    -1999 S52 Rebuilt Engine with ARP Studs
    -ZF 320 Transmission with e34 M5 Guibo
    -Dinan Vortech Supercharger with Upgraded 8.5psi Pulley
    -MZ3 3.23 Finned Differential with Delrin Bushing
    -UUC Short Shifter
    -Working Brake Booster, ABS, Air Conditioning and Power Steering

    -Custom Valved Bilstein Shocks
    -H&R Springs 680lbs in front and 1026lbs in the rear
    -Kmac camber/caster plates
    -Kmac rear camber/toe offset bushings
    -Z3 1.9L 2.7 Turn Steering Rack
    -Solid Rear Subframe Bushings
    -Reinforced Front & Rear Subframe
    -M-tech II Steering Wheel
    -Original Black Headliner
    -Husco Armrest
    -Rear Seat Ski-pass

    -Original Mtechnic II Full Euro Body Kit
    -BBS RS 003 16x8.5 (2.5" Lip)
    -Dunlop ZII 225/45 Tires All-Around
    -M-Technic Door Handles


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    First! Awesome build!
    January 2012 COTM


      that rear end pic is porn :puppy:
      M30 is God's motor.....but Jesus drives an M60'd car -slammin.e28


        Wow nice car!!!!!!!!!!!
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        Transaction feedback here please!!


          Nice work

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              Originally posted by dougie30 View Post
              that rear end pic is porn :puppy:
              I agree
              my 88' m20b30 HERE!


                The pics just got better and better!

                Was there a build thread? I must have missed it.

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                  S50 with a supercharger yeah dats gonna be fast
                  88 325is Five Speed


                    WOW!!!! love it!


                      love this car. good choice
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                        Wow what an epic build. Congrats on the amazing car.
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                          definitely a good choice on COTM, congrats!

                          i have no idea what i am doing with my life


                            Hot damn!
                            1985 M10b18. 70maybewhpoffury. Over engineered S50b30 murica BBQ swap in progress.

                            Originally posted by DEV0 E30
                            You'd chugg this butt. I know you would. Ain't gotta' lie to kick it brostantinople.



                              Absolutely love it. It hard to beat a white M-Tech 2