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    COTM ~Feb '14~ FLG

    *This COTM marks a full year of the operation in my hands, thank you to everyone that came through to make these happen. One of the reasons I signed up to r3vlimited! I am proud to carry the torch! many more to come friends.

    Whats up R3V!
    So i picked up Lea in Sept of 2011. To be honest i had no real intrest in it for anything more then a good daily and nothing more. I found it on eBay by a fluke, it was listed as 325ls (LS) instead of is, seems like the seller though the I was an L. Went to look at it, rust free AZ car that just has been sitting for year, neded LOTS of love but was solid which is all that mattered to me, handed the guy 800 in cash and the car was mine. Went there 2 days later to pick it up (first time truly driving stick any amount of distance) and she promply decided to die on the side of the highway due to the fan belt eating the CPS....great way to start off eh? Luckily the owner before this guy half assed the stereo install, so after ripping out some speaker wire and rewiring the CPS i was back on the road again.

    Here she is when i got her back to Brooklyn

    It was supposed to just be a fun car while my 73 Charger was down and in pieces. Over the next few months i did the suspension, brakes, timing belt...ect basically getting her back in good shape after she had been sitting around in Virginia for the past 6-7 years or so

    Soon i decided that i wanted a track car, and i wanted one that i could also daily. Just something to Auto-X and track drive but also drive home. Yea, that though didnt last long. But here she is in a more "track" form. Borbet type a's wrapped in toyo R1r's

    Then this popped up, complete m20 turbo swap. Motor was rebuilt top to bottom had 20k on it, new clutch, tuned basically completely ready to go less the gauges. 3k Later i had it in my car and things went downhill from there

    I was trying to keep things fairly civilized and still wanted a somewhat drivable track car

    Then early 2013 some GREAT! (yeah right) friends convinced me track driving isnt where its at, and i should be drifting. Which led to bad things happening

    Then those bad things turned to worse things

    I made some custom wires, think they came out pretty decent,

    At this point the car was basically a full drift rat and everything that can be replaced, has been. At this point the parts in the build were,

    -BC Coils (8k Front 10k Rear)
    -Turbo 2.7i (Holset HX35, MS1, Wasted spark, 330whp @ 14psi)
    -Wangan Global (aka Wangan Style) 4 clutch 60% lockup Diff
    -Treehouse CABS
    -Z3M Diff cover
    -Full line of Condor Speed Shop mounts and bushings
    -TR Mororspot C1 Wheels
    -TexasToast tie rod spacers
    -Rouge engineering 4 point roll cage
    -Recaro fixed back seats
    -Spec stage 3+ clutch
    -G-Force harnesses
    -ASD Hydro handbrake
    -Momo wheel with snap-off quick disconnect
    -Custom build bash bar based off Jezza on here building that sick pro-am e30 LS monster
    -DTM FiberWerks rear wing
    -Motorsport Hardware lugs/studs/spacers
    -Still have my GE keyless entry! LOL
    -Startec tail lights (swich between ebay and them sometimes, Brandon SHADDUP ya aint getting em!)
    -Reinforced rear control arms
    -Walbro 255

    Heres a video of the last event in car, had to cut the run short due to fuel issues and Sal in the e36 behind me being on my ass and not wanting him in my trunk.

    Hey sometimes shit happens,

    My first crash, i meme'd

    My second accident in a parking lot testing a new setup, 2 days before an event (made it to the event!, along with my punishment for doing so)

    Wouldnt call this an "accident" since nothing really broke and i technically didnt hit anything, but did look cool!

    Some more action shots

    Some videos

    Back to bore you with writing,
    The car isnt for everyone, thats for sure. But the car is literally a piece of me. Its built for having fun, and thats all ive been doing with it. I still drive it and plan on doing so, to and from every single event. I didnt start doing this for fame or for "making it big" i did this because i enjoy it, and thats how its always going to be.
    I couldnt have done this without the help of you guys on here, and without the help of the great businesses that support us. Guys like

    Ryan from Motorsport Hardware
    Carlos from Condor Speed Shop
    Levent from Guten Parts
    Steve aka mandingo from Blunttech
    Haoming Chang (wangan style)
    Spyke ethirtysix
    John Caraher from WOT-Tech
    Castro from Castro Motorsports

    Just to name a few! A Very big THANK YOU!

    Latest addition is
    -some custom door panels made by Spyke EThirtysix (you can find him on facebook)
    -BWeiss Leather door pulls by F34R (find him on facebook or IG BweissLeather)
    -Condor shift knob (amazing!)
    -Dibbed Vertus shifter

    The car is currenlty back in pieces while John from WOT-Tech is working on building me a cage, John reached out to me and is building me a cage at his shop in Florida to be shipped here and installed.

    Upgrades for 2014 season
    -Full cage (WOT-Tech)
    -SLR Angle kit
    -Retune to 400whp (last tune was cut short due to fuel issues)

    Here are some fairly recent pics from a photoshoot with a buddy of mine, Sunkiss Sundhara aka Digi Von Douglas. He did this whole thing for just gas money (drove over an hour from CT to NYC)

    As she sits now, waiting on getting the cage done from John @wot-tech, and just taking care of some other items that need to be addressed before this season starts.

    And finally, i wouldnt be where i am withouth my family and friends and this is what makes this ENTIRE thing worth while. No BS, no harcore competition pulling the fun out of things, this is why i do what i do. So heres some pics of a few of those wonderful people, and some funny ones of myself. If you dont like what your doing, then start doing what you love, lifes to short.

    Mama and papa dukes first of course

    (btw i love taking pics with 35mm film)

    Thank you guys, and thank you Brandon aka F34R for the feature!
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    Congrats on the feature, Frank! Looking forward to the cool videos to come this year, with that giveaway GoPro! Good luck in your 2014 season!

    Give him some love fellas! even if a true drifter is not your thing.
    ~ Puch Cafe. ~ Do business? feedback ~ Check out my leather company ~

    Instagram: @BWeissLeather

    Current cars:
    ~ '87 325 M30B35 swap
    ~ '87 535
    ~ 01 540 Msport 6spd
    ~ '06 X5 4.8is


      ive said it before and ill say it again, this car is sick and i like it.alot.


      i have no idea what i am doing with my life


        Thanks Brandon! And thanks everyone on here for the help over the years. I do this because I love it, and the people in it.

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          Bought my engine off frank hes a cool guy congrats man!

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            Love it.

            Shows what you can do without sticking to the E30 norm of euroweaves, iS lip and drop.

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              This is some really fuckin inspirational shit. Props to you, continue to do what you do.
              BTW - the 35mm shots are awesome too!

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                Purpose-built and bad ass! I love the cow catcher!

                Originally posted by TDE30
                What is this faggy shit I have happened upon?
                Originally posted by slammin.e28
                I can always live in a M3. Can't M3 a house.


                  Love the idea behind this, I also saw you got the poland shifter I love mine. Did you find out the thread dimensions? I never did as I liked the stock knob but now that I see that its making me question the one it came with.



                    Love this thing man, great read.
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                    Build thread HERE


                      Thanks guys! Means a lot, i really just love the hobby and love the people in it.

                      Taco, the knob was a bit bigger then 3/4 iirc, something like 19mm? I dont know off hand, it took some very gentle persuasion with a a 3/4 router bit and then a bit of side to side reaming out for the condor knob to get on there, in the end i think its 100x better then the stock knob. Ill get you some more pics if youd like.


                        Awesome. Congratulations!
                        Originally posted by Andy.B
                        Whenever I am about to make a particularly questionable decision regarding a worryingly cheap diy solution, I just ask myself, "What would Ether-D do?"
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                          Hardcore, I dig it! Congrats.

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                            I've seen this in person recently, srsbsns. well deserved!

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                              congrats frank, that car has come far from when I first saw it. "I see my seats"