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    Hey guys u might know my car "GrapeJellyTL" well she is parted out and completely stock so my wife can drive her. Got a new Project now but before that, an oldie but goodie picture of the Grape.

    Here is the start of the Journey

    i been searching for a decent E21 near enough to me, all of been super crap. Found one in Colorado, and for a week i contemplated flying out their to check it out. But didn't want to waste money if i didn't like it. Friday 06/21 spent the entire day out in San Diego with my Family at Sea World. got home about 6pm sold my Intake, Throttle Body Spacer and Window Visors off my TL at about 8pm. Then About 11:33pm i said F-it im going. found tickets on Frontier Airlines Saturday at 7am out of John Wayne Airport (SNA) Landing in Denver International (DEN) 10:15am. after grabbing everything i needed, i got about 2 hours of sleep and drove out to Orange County.

    After going through a Body Scan, having them ask me what my Ecig was and a Grande Skinny Mocha Later, i made it to the Gate 16 Just in time with 10 min to spare

    First time Flying Frontier i was surprised at how much room i had for a coach seating. check it out! Row 4 seat F.

    Some shots from landing. I lived in Southern California all my life, and this my first time to Denver. All i saw were mini lakes, few houses, and a butt load of nothing

    Landed and after getting lost in the airport for about 20 mins i found my wait of the terminal finally. Zack (my contact) picked me up in this Slammed GS300 with some sunken wheels and a Junction Produce Front End and a Cracked window. the location where the car was is approximately 25 miles away from DEN. Learned alot how Denver is just like any other major city, a huge melting pot of cultures (nothing new). We got to the Dealer, the car was waiting for me like it knew i was coming. I looked it up and down, had 194k miels, original tranny, engine, paint and a stack of service records i could make a novel out of. had clean carfax and two owners. So i needed just a bit of time to think about i wandered around their warehouse. Where i found a 1985 E26 with 59k original miles, original window sticker, even original receipt, the previous owner paid 45k for the car back in 1985. I also Found two clean E9's, a Delorean, a 1950's Royce, and a MINT 1974 XK, and a few newer luxury cars Aston Martin and Maserati. after gawking at all the cars i decided to pull the trigger, few hours later i
    started on my way home.

    First stop Shell gas station for 6 bottles of water, 4 sugar Monsters and two hot dogs to prepare for a 1000mile drive, which i was going to do in one shot.

    I really enjoyed the drive through the Rockies, couldn't believe how beautiful it was, and now i know why Denver is the Mile high city, their was snow still in the mountains and summer already started.

    First Stop was after about 250 miles, i was falling asleep from lack of sleep. took a quick 10 min power nap a took a shot, too bad you cant see it, but the Colorado River just sits below, i could jump in it and take a quick bath if i wanted LOL.

    The car has a Tape Deck....... So i was listening to Pandora on my phone for a good majority of the drive, but as soon as i hit the Utah border the reception died, i had zero reception!!! and i was already bored of the music on my phone. To top it off the sun had already set, i was driving through mountains, had no cell reception, and i havent seen a single call box at all. I thought to myself, shit...... no ones on the road, if my car dies on me im fucked. It was about 150 miles of NOTHING till i finally reached the Interstate 15, where the speed limit is 80, and this car has stock engine so its not fast, i was cruising at 65 MPH and even fully load semi trucks were passing me. I said oh well kept chugging, by the time i reached arizona part of the 15 i finally got a radio station, which ended up being a hip hop station for Vegas, i thought thank God!!! cause my headphones were starting to hurt my ears.

    About 2:30am i stopped in Vegas off Tropicana to get gas a snapped one more quick picture (you can see Aria and Vdara in the background)

    i contemplated hitting up some friends, cause i knew everyone was at EDC that night, but i just wanted to get home the journey has already been 14 hours. I got to state line and couldnt stay on the road i had to take another power nap, so i parked in-between a bunch of cars at Prim and took a 30 min power nap and got on the road again. Finally Made it home about 7am i just jumped straight to bed, and 2 hours later got up because i promised my wife i would tile our laundry room..... Worst promise ever, i had a migraine, my blood sugar had dropped, but i was happy, the car made it back one piece with ZERO problems and a but Load of Bugs.

    Cleaned up wires as well as the dumb stereo system, got a Alpine headunit, speakers and small box.

    A good friend of mine hooked me up with a wood Nardi wheel that im stoked to put on!

    Did a bunch of maintenance since i got the car, including water pump, coolant flush, alternator, entire ignition system and also a A/C delete

    Got some Euro bumpers front and back

    Nardi Wheel on

    Springs cut for now till i can afford New Coilovers

    Got some Zender skirts from Local BMW enthusiast who owns a few e9 shells, euro alpina e21, wide body 2002, and e21 baur edition. one of his good friends also drives a e28 touring also! only problem when i met the guy it was night time and i didnt bring my camera

    pic of skirts

    also got a new set of Hella H4 & H1's, much better lighting! them US Spec headlights were terrible, almost blind at night

    recently went to my friends house to grab some BBS RS's had a test fit session. thats His E36 M3 in the background.

    specs are too aggressive for the fitment i want so im putting the fronts in the back, which you see in the pictures, and re-barrel the the two rears to fit the fronts.

    Picked up some Euro turn indicators for a steal

    Rebuild pictures of the BBS RS

    I split all four, sold the 4" Lips, way too aggressive for a little E21, well at least the look im going for. Bought new 2.5" lips for the front and my 3" going to the rears. Centers are going to stay the silver powder coat, dont want anything crazy. The 3" lips are clear coated, in the process of stripping the clear.

    Left is the Stripped, right is still cleared. excuse the crappy camera phone pictures LOL

    Fender rolling thanks to Local guy

    all 4 wheels are rebuilt, sealed, and i have my tires. gonna mount them in the next few days or so.

    The top wheel is polished using Mothers Billet, the bottom is finished with Mothers Mag & Alum. All four wheels are now polished using Mothers Billet (this stuff is excellent). I just wanted to show the difference between products.

    more little updates,

    Got chrome door handles and new chrome window trim is on the way next few weeks.

    Got the Euro turn indicators on and converted them to dual filament

    im also in the process of converting my interior to vinyl since it was all cloth, and super faded. the rear seats are done, just on the hunt finding E21 Recaros or E30 Sport seats.
    Instagram: _jay_borcena_

    Took some pictures today with something else besides my phone finally. These are at a college local to me. I actually go here, and i highly recommend this college, its great!!!

    well this pic was taken in an alley near my house

    and this pic is not focused on the car but it i think looks awesome anyway thanks to the old buildings LOL.

    The rest of the pics were taken at the college

    such a pretty building, who cares about the car

    Instagram: _jay_borcena_


      WOW!! Beautiful

      image (10) by serdar.gurhan, on Flickr
      PM me for custom shift knobs and stickers!
      Originally posted by marshallnoise
      You ain't done working on a car unless you are bleeding.


        I approve. I love a clean e21
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          Best post of March thus far!

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            Dang it. Now I want another e21.

            Maybe I'll save the BBS RM wheels for an e21 build. Good job sir, looks great!
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              Originally posted by ak- View Post
              Best post of March thus far!
              It's got some competition

              Beautiful car, OP. E21's are always neat!

              Originally posted by SpasticDwarf;n6449866
              Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.


                You got yourself a stunner


                  Bravo! My first BMW drive was a silver e21 so I always have a soft spot for one. Nice collection of parts too.



                    thanks gentlemen!! wasn't sure how the forgotten 3 series would be recieved on a mainly e30 forum lol.
                    Instagram: _jay_borcena_


                      Gorgeous car. Looks great with the touches you've put on it.


                        Super nice e21. After watching your e21 I wish I never sold my e21 320 sport and e21 Alpina. Keep the pics coming.:up:
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                        DSC04926 by Raul Salinas, on FlickrDSC03413 by Raul Salinas, on Flickr


                          Originally posted by dishwab View Post
                          Gorgeous car. Looks great with the touches you've put on it.
                          Thanks! I recently put on the chrome window trim

                          Originally posted by e30m3s54turbo View Post
                          Super nice e21. After watching your e21 I wish I never sold my e21 320 sport and e21 Alpina. Keep the pics coming.:up:
                          dang! i would kill to have those!

                          few more pics. I really need to invest in a monopod LOL, my hands are way too shakey

                          Instagram: _jay_borcena_


                            Good lookin e21


                              amazing! good call on smaller lips!
                              SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!
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