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July 2016 Car of the Month - Good & Tight

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    July 2016 Car of the Month - Good & Tight

    Editors Note: If you've been around r3v for a little while, you know about Otis and his turbo setups. Ive lusted after them myself for my own "318" but Im not as crazy as Otis and some of you. I love seeing updates on this car, but when you see the story behind what he's built, its pretty amazing. Especially when you can credit a M10 318 for essentially creating the Good& Tight empire! haha Congrats Otis on being selected July 2016 Car of the Month

    Alpine white

    Factory options:
    only factory option functional on the car are the power windows.

    Interior color:
    Two aluminum race seats

    Engine modifications:
    Stock bottom end M30B34, Cometic HG, ARP's, Schrick 280/284 cam, 1000cc injectors, Dual Bosch 044, custom aluminum intake, custom Twinscroll turbo manifold with twin 38mm Tial wastegates, Borg Warner SX300 91/79 Turbo. Megasquirt ECU, runs on E85.

    4" aluminum, no muffler

    Ford C4 3 speed, 3200 stall converter, reverse manual valve body, 3" single piece drive shaft.

    Welded open 2:93

    Rear: 5 lug MCoupe rear trailing arms and axles, 1000# TC Kline coilovers, Bilsteins. Front: 65# coil overs, touring shocks.

    Rear: stock spare E36 steelies widened to 10", 275/50/15. Front: 3.5" Aluminum Pro Star 15/3.5 Drag skinnies

    Exterior modifications:
    Fiberglass front bumper/Valence, Carbon fiber hood

    Interior modifications:
    10 point roll cage, Kirkey aluminum drag race seats, 5 point seat belts. Interior gutted, sunroof delete, aluminum door cards, too many gauges and switches.

    Story behind the car:
    Owned the car 22 years, it was my wife's DD when we meet, just a regular 318i. Modded the M10, still slow, got into turbocharging, built a Turbo 2.0 M10, it finally blew a rod at 27psi. Wanted to go faster, installed the Turbo M30 and it's a scary ride now, last dyno it laid down 554rwhp & 622ftlbsTQ. Runs 10.00 in 1/4 mile @ 137mph with 22psi. Everything on the car was fabricated by me except the transmission driveshaft.
    Tuned by myself also..!!

    Damn I've put a lot of time over the years in this car.


    Most recent setup pics

    another of the old setup before he put her on a diet

    Heres an older pic after he stretched a 6" steel wheel to 10" Love that meat

    Dig through his old posts and you find gold like this!

    Originally posted by Good & Tight View Post
    Oh yea, I ate his ass up.

    And I leave you with this, a good ol burnout with the American Flag in the background. Happy 4th everyone! God Bless America!! hah
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    Bravo Otis! Too bad you couldn't make it to The Vintage this year.



      Dat burnout video deaux. Pure redneck satisfaction. Love it.
      Originally posted by Andy.B
      Whenever I am about to make a particularly questionable decision regarding a worryingly cheap diy solution, I just ask myself, "What would Ether-D do?"
      1987 325iS m30b34 Muscle car (Engine electrical phase)
      I was born on 3/25…


        interesting wiring job
        Boris - 89 E30 325i
        84- E30 323i


          That looks insane!

          Great car.
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            100% Hot Rod Congratulation!

            BMWCCA #398608
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            "The Best E30's were built with two camshafts four cylinders and sixteen valves!".


              What are M30's capable of in terms of power on stock internals?


                Yeah Otis!

                Always loved your work.


                  Originally posted by budshaws View Post
                  What are M30's capable of in terms of power on stock internals?
                  Stock internals are capable of a ridiculous amount of power. Below is the last dyno with the 5 speed. Car is stupid fast.

                  Need a Turbo manifold? We have them in stock- Click here--->
                  Dyno vid


                    Congratulations on COTM.
                    Much wow
                    I hate 4 doors


                      Originally posted by budshaws View Post
                      What are M30's capable of in terms of power on stock internals?

                      M30 bottom end is rated 800hp stock. Absolutely no need for custom rods and pistons in these bad boys.

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                        right on Otis!
                        '87 325ic, powered by S50.