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January 2019 Car of the Month: jeenyus

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    January 2019 Car of the Month: jeenyus

    Editors Note: Ive been watching Zanes build for a while now and knew that his IX would be perfect for a winter feature. It great to see the special changes and the growth of love and connection to his E30. Congrats Zane, you're R3Vs first 2019 Car of the Month!

    Factory options:
    This is a 1988 325IX. This year they came fully loaded with all factory options.


    Interior color:

    Engine modifications:
    Upgraded injectors (Bosch 17lbs, 4-pintle, 3-bar)
    Miller MAF Kit and chip with increased redline to 6800rpm. Upgraded grounds, removed power steering, removed AC, removed clutch fan (replaced with electric), rebuilt head (previous owner), modified stock airbox, Condor motor mounts & Walbro 255 fuel pump.

    Magnaflow Hi-flow cat, 3" from exhaust manifold, Magnaflow muffler

    Getrag 260, poly transfer case mount from Garagistic

    3.91VLSD, poly mount from Garagistic

    I have what seems to be the stock suspension. The struts are made in West Germany so they are pretty old. The only thing I've upgraded in regards to suspension is a billet/urethane rear shock mount (IE).

    I have the same pair of wheels that came with the car. They are RAGE wheels from who knows which year. They are very light though, like 16lbs a wheel.

    Exterior modifications:
    On the exterior I have changed a few things. I removed my IS spoiler and filled the holes, painted the trunk. I put a rear plastic bumper on (still looking for a front). I changed the fog lights by putting new lens on the old housing. Tinted the windows to 20% in the rear and legal limit in the front. vinyl wrapped all the black trim to have some sort of consistency there.

    Interior modifications:
    The interior is fairly stock. I have swapped out the seats for Z3M seats. Currently I only have one seat in there, because it just makes life easier with a kid in the backseat. Also a good excuse to not give rides. I put in a Kenwood headunit to replace the bright blue one it came with.

    Story behind the car:
    This car, I purchased as a car to help me get to work when my other daily driver broke down. It seemed more logical at the time, plus a good excuse to get an e30. Picked it up for pretty cheap. I drove the car everyday till the throw-out bearing gave up the ghost. I then tried to sell the car with the broken throw-out bearing, but no dice cause I priced it too high for a broken car. Then the car sat in a parking spot for almost a year at our old apartment complex, while my wife and I got married and moved to a home. My friend and I then towed the car from the old place to the new, cause they were going to tow it otherwise.

    Once I got the car back to the house my wife's car broke down, we sold that car and it was in that moment I knew I was going to have to repair the BMW myself and use that as a daily driver. I started working on the car and after years of working on a newer Audi I realized that car work could actually be enjoyable! I caught the bug and I have been doing "maintenance" since then, trying to get the car to run perfect before I actually start to modify it fully.

    This car has taught me a lot of things, like make sure you have good towing coverage if your project car is going to be your daily. Plus a profound appreciation for the R3V community and all the assistance I've received.

    Build thread is here

    Current Car:
    -2000 330i Estate, the dad-mobile
    -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

    Make R3V Great Again -2020

    Glad you were able to save this one. Congrats on COTM!


      And that's the third ix in a row on COTM!

      Good job on the car jeenyus. Those snowy pics look awesome <3


        Probably because the IX is the best e30 there is. ;)

        Thank you for this opportunity to be the COTM! The car truly has become a labor of love, but even more so, a chance to learn things and grow.

        Thank you R3V users for all the assistance and dumb questions of mine you've answered!



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            First e30 - 1991 318i 4 door


              I dig it! Congrats

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              "The Best E30's were built with two camshafts four cylinders and sixteen valves!".