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    Originally posted by AlpineE30M52 View Post
    :D ok but for the Record I disagree with what you said about E30Trash (Elliot's) car. I love it. The only thing he needs are center caps ;)
    hey that's your perog.
    like i said, it's my opinion and obviously plenty of other people are in love with the wheels and stuff, but i'm not.
    people have different tastes

    edit: i definitely didn't come in just to criticize. i wouldn't have posted if all i had to say was "i hate this about your car". nobody cares. it's not like you made this thread to win awards. if i love a car, or like certain things but dislike other things.. i chime in about it. if not i just don't post.
    i like the other cars in the thread as well, and wheels/stickers don't make the whole image of the car for me, i still like e30trash's car, in general.
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      Good stuff. I love the stance of both e30s just lower then i would ever go.the white with teh borbets ar nice i ran them on a mk2 gti bitd and they fit the lates 80s early 90s square cars very nicely
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