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ATL_E30's '89 Alpine Weiss 325is

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    ATL_E30's '89 Alpine Weiss 325is

    Although I've owned a couple BMW's over the years I did not purchase my first E30 until 2017. It was not a “clean” car whatsoever, but it did introduce me to R3v and quickly made me realize that these cars had a great community and following. The story of my first two E30's can be followed here ( Those cars left me wanting something cleaner and after going to the Vintage this year I knew I wanted something more well preserved and without the headache of rust...

    I would casually look for car's online and send them over to my friend Connor (connorb850) so that he could pick them apart with his meticulous attention to detail. I came across this one on Facebook Marketplace by sheer luck. It was owned for the past 12 years by a father and son who both worked at the same Auto shop and had taken very good care of it. It checked all the boxes so Connor and I went to look at it and shortly after took ownership.

    Build Sheet
    Model - 325i USA
    Development Code - E30 (3 Series)
    Chassis - LIM
    Steering - LL
    Doors - 2
    Engine - M20
    Displacement - 2.50
    Power - 125kw/170hp
    Drivetrain - HECK
    Transmission - Manual
    Color - ALPINWEISS 2 (218)
    Upholstery - Natur Leather (0295)
    Production Plant - REGENSBURG
    Production Date - 1988-12-17

    209 - Limited Slip Differential (25%)
    226 - Sports Suspension Settings
    240 - Leather Steering Wheel
    281 - Lm-rad 6 1/2 X 14
    324 - Front-und Heckspoiler
    401 - Sliding/vent Roof, Electric
    410 - Window Lifts, Electric At Front
    481 - Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger
    530 - Air Conditioning
    540 - Cruise Control
    551 - On-board Computer Ii W Remote Control
    562 - Map Reading Light
    675 - Bmw Sound System
    708 - M Sports Steering Wheel Leather
    841 - Wag.fa.u.325is Sch
    925 - Shipping Protection Package

    Some of the pictures of when it was picked up:

    The previous owners did a very good job taking care of the car and were definitely sad to see it go.

    Updated Mods Installed:
    H&R Sport Springs
    Bilstein Sport Shocks
    Dash Cluster Rebuilt with all working gauges and odometer
    E34 M5 Clutch and Pressure Plate
    New Guibo and CSB
    17” ESM M Parallel reps
    MagnaFlow Exhaust
    E30 M3 CAB/Lollipops
    AC Converted to R134a
    Tinted Windows

    The car was purchased the day before I had to go out of town for a work trip so Connor being the great friend he is drove the car back to his place and stored it while I was out of town.

    While out of town Connor put together a pretty solid list of things that the car needed (did I mention how he's a great friend?) For the most part the car was pretty solid and in way better condition than my other E30's.

    Things needing fixing:
    Valve Cover Gasket has small leak.
    Incorrect 2.0 Bar Coolant Reservoir cap
    Green coolant instead of OE BMW Blue
    Power Steering fluid dirty; needs flush
    Blower Motor working, but noisy
    Tinted taillights

    Once I was back in town and got through the work week I went over to where the car was being stored and started to swap some of the parts I wanted to keep over to the new car.

    Euro Grilles
    Custom Console Cup Holder made by Steven
    M Cloth Shift and Ebrake Boot
    Rear Taillights

    To be Swapped:
    Euro Trim (Front and Rear)
    Mtech 1 Rear Spoiler (Maybe, might keep the iS)
    BBS RS001’s

    Interior was a mess so it was cleaned up

    Driver seat has seen better days... whoever it was that patched the seat in their build thread shoot me a PM can't seem to find it anywhere.

    All done!

    Next up is going to be working through the above list as well as checking the Timing Belt. I'm also going to swap to the Stromung Exhaust from the Group Buy organized by as I'm not a fan of the drone from the Magnaflow.

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    Nice pickup! Definitely looks like a nice clean starting point. Other than a refresh of the seats looks like it could almost be left as-is

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      Nice pickup! I can't wait to see it rolling on the RS001s (drool).

      Regarding the seat, I'd pickup an Autoberry upholstery kit and follow Albie's thread in the Project forum for the recovering process.


        Great find


          Quick update

          Side by side

          Swapped the BBS wheels onto the new car.

          I'll snag some better pictures this weekend.