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January 2021 Car of the Month: Albie325

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    January 2021 Car of the Month: Albie325

    ***Editors Note: This one will come at no surprise to anyone who still browses R3V. The work that has gone into this car is on another level. A full garage resto, and its not even done yet. The timing of this worked out perfect as I stole the moment from his thread to display it here first. Happy New Year R3V! Congrats to Albie325 you're R3vlimiteds Car of the Month for January 2021***

    Build thread is here

    Factory options:
    1986 325e, Prod Date 1985-12-03
    Upholstery (0156) Pearl Beige comfort, vinyl
    S209A Differential lock 25%
    S210A Dynamic stability control
    S286A BMW LA wheel BMW Styling
    S300A Central locking with antitheft system
    S410A Window lifts, electric, front
    S530A Air conditioning
    S556A Outdoor temperature indicator

    Zinnoberrot (128)

    Interior color:

    Engine modifications:
    Engine is stock, aside from Conforti chip and all major maintenance (intake/exhaust manifold gaskets, cam/crank seals, rear main seal, valve cover and oil pan gaskets, timing belt/water pump, etc.), new Spectra Premium gas tank/pump, BavRest upgraded grounding wires, Pukar Designs engine bay decals

    Billy Boat exhaust, Magnaflow 23552 high-flow catalytic converter

    5-speed swap, Z3 1.9 short shifter, UUC DSSR, all new trans seals/shift bushings

    3.25 LSD, professionally refreshed (original was 2.93 LSD)

    E46 ZHP steering rack swap, Bilstein B8 sport shocks/struts, H&R Sport springs, M3 solid control arm bushings, 325ic front and m3 rear sway bars, all new subfame/trailing arm/control arm bushings and shock/strut mounts

    Brembo rotors, new Girling/ATE calipers, Cool Carbon pads, Jordan refurbished ABS pump, all new hard and soft bake lines, new ATE booster/master cylinder/reservoir, all new parking brake components

    Newly refinished 15" Euroweaves wrapped in Yokohama Advan Flevas in 205/55/r15

    Exterior modifications:
    OEM MTech 1 kit, euro bumpers, OEM Hella Smileys, euro grills, fresh repaint and pinstripe (done by yours truly!)

    Interior modifications:
    BavRest rebuilt cluster with chrome gauge rings, reupholstered natural sport seats, heated seat element install, re-webbed seat belts in black/red, Premium Sound upgrade, complete interior sound deadening, Continental head unit with color-matched LED's, Euro analog clock, Nardi Blackline mahogany steering wheel, weighted mahogany shift knob, billet aluminum interior door pulls, hounds tooth door cards, crack-free dash install, carpet/parcel shelf re-dyed, check panel trim recovered in new vinyl, Coco Mats sisal floor mats, MTechnic door sills, E28 tool kit, modified interior trunk lid cover, second trunk light install

    Climate Control:
    Complete A/C refresh (R12, rebuilt Bosch compressor, parallel flow condenser, new lines, new expansion valve, all O-rings replaced and are r135 compatible), Complete HVAC refresh (heater core, valve, all lines, IHKS completely refreshed)

    Story behind the car:
    The original owner of the car was the father of a kid I played Little League with, it was purchased on Long Island, NY at Hassel Motors which is still in business today last time I checked. His wife overheated the engine, she blew the head gasket/transmission and the car was sitting in their driveway for over a year. When I started playing ball with their son, my dad (our coach) noticed the car and asked about it, he eventually bought it and fixed it up himself. It's been in my family ever since (he purchased it in 1998). I actually learned to drive in this car, and it was my dad's pride and joy for quite some time. It was almost always garage-kept during his ownership except for the last year or so and he only drove it in the warmer months (we lived in CT). When my parents retired to NC, he didn't want to transport the car and was going to get rid of it, I said no way. I paid to have it shipped down to me in 2018 and I've been working on it ever since. Through forums like R3V, YouTube, and the Bentley Manual, I've basically learned to work on cars through my experience with this E30. I started out with very simple tasks and worked my way up to manual swapping the car, doing interior and electrical work, and even learned paint and body work (I painted the car myself believe it or not!). There are faster and sexier cars out there, I myself own an F82, however I never get more compliments than when I'm driving my E30. It has been reliable to a fault, has aged beautifully, and gives me such a sense of pride now that it's finished that I'd never sell it. I'd like to thank the E30 community and all those I've met along the way for helping me along in my journey, and most of all R3V for choosing me as Car of The Month!



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    YES! YES! YES! Congrats, Albie325 ! One of my favorite threads on R3V. I've been itching to see photos of the car fully assembled and these do not disappoint.

    Amazing work on every aspect of the car in addition to an enjoyable/detailed build thread. I've love to see this car in person one day. Happy New Year!


      Wow, very clean!
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        Yep, this is one of the inspirational threads here.

        Just shows even if you are not a professional mechanic or trades specialist - the E30 community can help you churn out professional results.

        The best post for me was Big Al taking it for a spin...

        I’ll raise a beer for you over here.
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          Congratulations! The car looks fantastic. I love all the details you have covered in your thread and appreciate your sharing of information. I have used several of your tips/tricks on my project that would have otherwise been a bigger challenge.


            Well deserved! Amazing to finally see the car in its final form!
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              Heck yes.

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                That $%i+ is Nooooiccee. Congrats! you did it right the first time and it shows!

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                  spectacular car and build. such nice work.


                    In a word...WOW! Congratulations!


                      What a deserving feature- the car looks incredible!
                      1990 Brilliantrot 325iS Build Thread
                      1989 Zinnoberrot M3 Build Thread


                        Thanks all! It's been a lot of fun to finally be driving the car around town these last few days, with a big smile on my face
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                        Albie325 Build Thread | Albie325 COTM Jan 2021


                          Beautiful! Love euro bumpers!


                            Car looks amazing, I feel silly how much a drooled over just the toolkit lol


                              Fantastic car, I really want to build a MT1 car someday. I just love how they look. The rebuilt ABS pump (not pictured) really ties this build together lol

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