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1989 320i Touring (Now w/M54 swap)

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    1989 320i Touring (Now w/M54 swap)

    //Moving over from the touring section, to keep that for specific tech questions//



    I imported and purchased this vehicle back in late September/ early October of 2020.

    It was essentially a birthday present to myself/COVID moral booster. Through Instagram, I was connected with Leo from Garage30 and he had just so happened to post a decent 89 touring in lachsilber that was not 100% clean but definitely better than any e30 I've ever owned. I knew I had to have it and reached out immediately. I will say I slept on the idea of sending such a large amount of money, sight unseen, to a guy Ive never met for a car Ive never seen, but I took the risk.

    [Her being put on the trailer next to 2 M5s and 1 e34 B10 I'm assuming]

    About a month later, she arrived. The trip was nerve racking to say the least. My girlfriends brother offered to do the trip from Michigan to Baltimore in his Alpha H3. So we strapped up the car hitch and set up from sub 24 hour car extraction haha.

    Now, Im not sure if every person that imports a car has experienced this but, before we left I had to call the company that accepted my shipment and schedule a time to pick up my car. The timing is very tight and honestly the worst thing about the entire process. I called the guy on the documents giving to me by my broker and eventually I got a guy that picked up. He gave me a very vague window of when he would be available for me to pick up my vehicle. When me and my bud arrived, we waited for about an hour and half, and the guy kept giving us excuses as to why he had not shown up. Being out of state and taking a day off was nerve racking, I didn't know if I would need to stay a night in Baltimore or what haha. After a lot of annoying check in, a random car pulls up to us tell us to follow them. We had nothing to lose at this point and were excited to just get the ball rolling again.

    It honestly felt like we were being taken to some unheard of site to be off'd.

    Through all of the heavy machinery we passed, eventually we saw her sitting next to excavation equipment and all of my worries were gone.

    We quickly signed the documents and packed her up. I stalled a few times getting her on the trailer

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    Since having her, I've done a few things to it, mostly a new radio, radiator, rear headrest and new rims. I have the car lined up for some suspension and rust repair soon.

    Radiator swaps (The 320i was given the smaller radiator similar to the 4 cylinder cars. So I switched it over to the 325i radiator due to the original being rusted beyond repair.)

    Headrest on the rear seats

    New Style 5s / 14 inch


      Super clean Touring. Looks like it needs some love, but a fantastic starting point.
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        Hey, most definitely. She’ll be getting all new bushings, springs and struts soon. New headliner and then focus on swapping the m20b20 for an m50.

        anything beyond that will be cosmetic


          Those 195/70s look good on the wagon.


            I want this! Looking forward to seeing updates from you.

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              Looks like a great starting point, keep it simple at first. Just enjoy driving it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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                Very nice touring!

                Reminds me of old days in 2008, i had lachsilber e30 touring 320i myself when i was 17years old, i loved it!.
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                  Minor Update:

                  Cars been in the shop since early March. Shout out to Jake and crew at Classic Daily!

                  Currently getting all new suspension (shocks, bushings and struts)

                  Slave and Master Cylinder are also being refreshed.

                  Had my REMUS exhaust placed on the car from my old IX as well.

                  Appreciate all of the support in here. There's a bunch more happening with the car at the shop before I get her back and a bigger surprise later on this year with the engine.

                  Will post more photos as I receive them.


                    2022- Update

                    Car came back from the shop 05/21

                    Since, it has received a couple drives here and there

                    new brake pads, rotors and a new set of wheels.

                    Ive most used this time to ramp up to a motor swap.

                    I picked up a ZF 320, 3.73 open and e36 driveshaft for a m54b30 swap beginning in the next couple of weeks.

                    Also, originally ran with a US H&R sport set but my touring ended up being too heavy. I order the touring specific H&R springs and will be putting those on soon.

                    Heres a pic of the new Maxilite Alpina reps I purchased.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      I think you may want to keep looking for diffs, the 3.73 with the ZF will be quite aggressive.

                      I also think we need more than one pic of those new wheels
                      Current Car:
                      -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
                      -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

                      Make R3V Great Again -2020


                        NOV 2022 UPDATE

                        Weird, I thought I updated this thread recently, but here are all of the latest updates to the touring as its definitely not the same.

                        After getting the Maxilite rims and putting new brakes/rotors on the wagon, I suffered with the fact that I didn't see the 15 inch rims had the 2002 offset and not the E30 offset like the 16 inch OE set. So I grabbed a couple 5 mm spacers and ran them.

                        Still some weird wobble at 50 MPH and I need to double check that the rims are properly seated, but I havent had the car as its been in the shop since 8/24.

                        Grabbing the motor and diff from Classic Daily (Swapped a 3.73 for the 2.93 w/Jake) and threw it all in the back of a U-Haul Rental. It was quite the day, having picked up the truck at 8 AM, grabbing the motor by 2 PM, and dropping everything off at the shop by 4 PM to have the truck back to U-Haul by 5 PM. Ill never do that again haha.

                        Motor, Trans, Driveshaft, Diff (M54B30, ZF320, E36M3/328i Driveshaft, 2.93 Open Diff)

                        Saw a cool e34 M5 and Merc with an LS Swap

                        - Getting the M54 off the truck

                        With that, I dropped the wagon off at TCEURO for its planned motor swap, going from M20B20 to M54B30 w/ 2.93 Open Diff (no more 3.73) and new H&R Touring specific springs.

                        Recently, TCE has ripped out the M20, installed the M54 and are close to buttoning up everything. I still need to find a header set that will fit in an e30 and work with the M54, if anyone has some good options that dont break the bank like the SuperSprint package haha.

                        - Parked and ready to gain another 100 ish HP

                        - M20 go bye bye

                        - cleaned bay

                        - Went with a Singly Clutch Flywheel over the Dual - will see how this goes haha.

                        - Pre-Coolant routing but M54 is in.

                        ------Wrapping Up-------

                        As it stands to this day

                        Wiring, Headers and small routing stuff needs to be completed, but the home stretch is almost here.

                        The new springs really bring up the rear, and I cant wait to drive it!

                        --Bonus Pics-------


                          Very nice!
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                            M54's are such a great engine and even better when fitted in an E30!

                            Car looks great, so please keep the updates coming.


                              Thanks so much! Will definitely remember to update more as the swap progress moves forward.