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R3Vlimited/BBQ2U PRO3 build/Journal

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  • burkey001
    Splendid build, cage looks excellent.

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  • drutt23
    Nice! This is lookin good. Keep it up!

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  • Jparkr

    Roof scuffed and primed


    Before shots



    Oh, its go time!

    Me painting the cage

    Nate and I doing work

    Cage is painted a orange for the look of Fire. This is the BBBQ2U car after all.

    Interior painted grey


    Quick done shot of the interior

    scuffed and masked

    BBQ pit black!

    This is also done in satin so panels can easily be replaced, if any on track incidents occur.

    time to re-assemble

    Dash back in.

    Back up in my shop. Accuracy Automotive.

    Next update is suspension and brakes

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  • Jparkr
    Cage complete

    ^ My car's head mechanic Reid

    Sunroof delete

    Suspended the panel in place, then marked where we would drill the holes for the supports

    Drilled holes in the panel

    Nate drilling holes in the chassis

    Me prepping the metal for the 8115 panel bonding we will use as the final act of securing the panel in place.

    Nice and flush

    Here is how we suspended the panel. We used these bolts to weld on.

    Tacking the panel and chassis to the bolts

    Tacked in place


    This is the panel bonding, 8115. If you know it, you know its serious business and basically liquid weld

    Smoothed out

    Chris sanding it all smooth

    No more sunroof!

    Next update is painting!
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  • Jparkr
    Time to get to TC Motorsports and Godspeed Fabrication for the roll cage.

    I decided to drive there and for safety I asked Justin to follow me.

    Go time:

    yes, my cluster was held in place by a big bungee cord.

    Here is Justin posing next to the car just in case I died on the way up. lol.

    Cage building progress:

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  • Jparkr
    started a topic R3Vlimited/BBQ2U PRO3 build/Journal

    R3Vlimited/BBQ2U PRO3 build/Journal

    This is the build thread for my BBQ2U/Accuracy Automotive/R3Vlimited PRO3 race car. Please enjoy. The first few posts will be catching everyone up to where I'm at currently.

    I will be updating the information when I have time.

    Chassis:1987 325Is.
    I drove it to the E30 picnic in 2011 to get a rough Idea of how the chassis/engine felt and ran.

    Here it is before work began:

    The Interior looks decent it pictures but it all was trashed and thrown away with the exception of the drivers seat.


    Nice and stripped, ready for a cage but first...

    RA1's and baskets:

    Bought the wheels and RA-1s from Rich Milham, who is pictured here, Rich was my first instructor and was just getting out of racing at the time.

    Sticky rubber is always better.
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