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Axis Powers - 2JZ E30 Drift Build -

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    Axis Powers - 2JZ E30 Drift Build -

    Figured I would finally make a thread about the car. I've had it around a year now, and its undergone some major changes. I originally purchased the car from a member on here who had a shop do a hack job install of the swap. Needless to say, I've had to redo 80% of what the shop attempted to do. That ok though, because I love taking peoples old projects, doing a complete 180, and make something incredible out of them. This car wasn't tuned, and had a slew of eBay parts that had to go. The mounts weren't the best, so we redid the mounts and the tranny mount. Had no power steering so I had to create my own concoction for that. It overheated when getting on it, the wiring under the dash was a mess, etc etc. It just needed some work. Since then its been tuned by AirFed (Hans Morris) and myself up to 20psi on E85 and 15psi on 93. Should make anywhere between 500-600whp on the E85, but I've yet to dyno it and see.

    So here we are, 1986 325e with a 2Jay.
    T70 Turbo
    ID1000 Injectors
    A1000 Fuel Pump
    Aeromotive A1000 FPR
    90mm TB
    Haltech PS500
    Straight Piped
    Custom Power steering

    R154 (Blew up the 1st, installed this one recently)
    HPF Feramic 700 Clutch
    Newly installed Xcessive Solid trans mount with newly modified crossmember.
    Custom Driveshaft with Chevy 1310 Ujoints

    Welded 3.43

    Newly installed BC Coilovers 10k 12k (wish I would have gone 6k8k)
    E36 Rack

    Cheap O' Buckets
    No carpet mod
    No interior mod
    Newly Fabbed 6point Roll Cage
    Custom Tilt

    Borbet Type A 16x9
    Rota something or others
    Toyo 225/45/16 fronts
    Whatever I can find rear

    RCI 10gal fuel cell
    Bash Bars front and rear

    Heres some videos
    Me at Lonestar Bash

    Me at our local drift events
    SLEEPYDUBs 2JZ E30 at A.D.D. in Shreveport Louisiana. Tandem with Brandon Degerald. In need of better rear tires!

    Everyone loves a Speedo shot right?
    Made a couple pulls out at the mexican airstrip a while back, filmed the speedo and just never got a chance to upload it. 2JZ BMW E30 with a T70 Turbo

    Me against a Cammed Camaro (me on pump with old setup and tune and old ass suspension)
    SLEEPYDUBs 2JZ Powered E30 vs Andys MS3 Z28 CamaroMods are in the videoE30 has a passenger. Camaro is solo.

    LS3 Corvettes make tasty treats
    SLEEPYDUBs 1986 BMW 325e with a 2JZ swap vs a LS3 C6 Corvette with Corsa Exhaust. E30 is on 15psi, pump gas, and conservative timing.

    Fast ass old bimmer son whooooa
    I was just cruising down the road when all of a sudden some guys in a truck come barreling at me over the median. I decide to drop it down and take off. Lo...

    647whp Procharged C5 Z06 cant hang
    This is a vid of a 2jz e30 BMW racing a Supercharged z06 from a 60 roll. I'm not at liberty to give out hp on cars but I will say both are very fast.

    Nice sound right here, lots of smokage

    Tandem with a friend
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Old picture of the engine bay before modifications

    I plan to keep this thread updated, I may revise some of the mods here after a while, just felt like posting this up for everyone to see that there is a good running heavily modified 2JZ swapped e30 in the states. More vids to come in the next couple of months!
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    - AXIS POWERS - 2JZ E30 Build
    Current Project - 87 325is 2JZ Swapped with M4 DCT

    From when I first got it, some small things I was fixing.
    Fixed the horn (was rusted near the connections, soldered a new connector on)
    Trans shifter gasket was blown, made one out of some good material from a local company
    Built my own tilt for the steering wheel
    Replaced the bad BKR6E plugs with 7's. The 6s were way to hot for the amount of boost I am running.
    Had a brand new driveshaft made with 1310 Chevy Ujoints.
    Replaced the RC550s with ID1000s
    FPR Crapped out so replaced with Aeromotive A1000
    E36 Steering rack swap
    Removed the muffler, running straight pipe now, sounds so wicked

    Made brackets for power steering, and had to get a belt to match.

    The OEM 2JZ power steering pump has a reservoir on top of the pump. Well my throttle body is too big, so I had to modify it to make it work. Its mounted 90* to the right, and is being gravity fed by the bmw reservoir. Nothing a few trips to bearing service cant fix!

    February 7th 2012:
    Installed Xcessive Solid Trans Mount after modifying the trans cross member. This made a noticable difference in how the car lays the power to the ground. Before, the stock mount was squishy and allowed way to much movement in the driveline. Now it is solid, and the vibrations at higher RPMs arent that big of an issue, they are tolerable.

    Things to add to the list of mods:
    SS Brake lines
    RX7 Caliper upgrade
    Condor Solid Subframe bushings with risers, RTABS, and Diff mount.
    SLR High Angle Kit
    - AXIS POWERS - 2JZ E30 Build
    Current Project - 87 325is 2JZ Swapped with M4 DCT



      Turbo M42 Build Thread :Here
      I like the tuna here.
      Originally posted by lambo
      Buttchug. The official poster child of r3v.


        sweet build. looks insanely fast
        95 7.1L 16V E36 M3
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          OH FUCK !!!!, NICE
          my build here --->


            If only the 2js were cheaper!!! So jealous man!

            IG: brandonhillis

            I do stupid things.


              awesome work
              its come along way since you bough it!



                Love it... i am also considering going 1jz...


                  How difficult you say that swap was?


                    With no availability of aftermarket mounts, it really just comes down to how well you can fabricate.
                    - AXIS POWERS - 2JZ E30 Build
                    Current Project - 87 325is 2JZ Swapped with M4 DCT


                      I picked up my mounts on eBay for $350 shipped
                      They do a full swap kit as well I believe

                      Ks racing is the company



                        mad jelly...


                          What intake and exhaust manifolds are you running?

                          I had to make a pedal box setup because the stock intake hits the booster big time
                          Wish I could change it for better brake feel though.



                            Those mounts didn't have very good reviews, how do you like them?

                            The intake and exhaust manifold are knockoffs
                            - AXIS POWERS - 2JZ E30 Build
                            Current Project - 87 325is 2JZ Swapped with M4 DCT


                              The mounts are alright
                              Had to adjust em a bit to work properly.

                              Is the intake manifold the fake greddy?