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Project Neil1138. Adventures of the Cream Machine

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    Project Neil1138. Adventures of the Cream Machine

    Where it all began | Because Art Car | Bimmerfest 2012 | The Chalkboard E30 | Alpine Day One | Alpine in B&W | My S52 OBD1 Swap | Post S52 Photos | Ultimate Klasse Feature | R3v COTM - April '14

    The goods and the plan: 1997 S52 + ZF trans w/ 126k miles. Included pretty much everything.
    • 413 red label DME
    • All new OBD1 engine sensors
    • Modified E21 brake booster
    • M/S50 throttle body
    • All relevant replacement seals/fasteners/parts (engine)
    • Sticking w/ stock S52 pink top injectors
    • Sticking w/ stock S52 headers (welded/SAP delete plates)
    • 540 MAF & accompanying chip/tune from TMS
    • Will be rewiring/re-pinning the OBD1 harness/C101 connector myself
    • All relevant replacement seals/fasteners/parts (transmission)
    • Full transmission shift detent pin service
    • Sticking w/ stock ZF clutch/flywheel
    • UUC Evo3 shifter + DSSR (I have this in my e46 and love it)
    • Upgrading to Z3 rack while engine is out

    Let's begin.

    S52 time!

    Removing the ZF transmission to inspect clutch wear and flywheel play. Couldn't hurt to replace both.

    Friend helping out, removing flywheel

    Dry rear main seal, surprising. Still replacing it.

    Transmission set aside until it's time for the shift pin service

    Engine up on the stand

    Starting on the e30

    Removed A/C compressor from engine. Going to deal with it later

    Working my way around and down

    P/S pump was left hanging as well, to deal with it later. Slave hanging as well

    Driveshaft, slave cylinder, and linkage disconnected. Cross member being loosely held until pull.

    Exhaust done, engine mounts done, oil cooler lines done, entire driver's side free sans the fuel lines.

    Harness free, engine free (sans fuel). Going to pull soon.

    EDIT (11/27/2013): I have been sourcing the last of the swap parts as well as the refresh/replacement parts needed for the conversion. The list is pretty long so I've been compiling a spreadsheet to keep track. It's preliminary and I still have some stuff to add depending on what problems I experience (shifter parts, etc) but I figured I'd get it up. I will post the final list (reset) post swap. If anyone sees any errors, please let me know so I won't be surprised during the swap!

    EDIT (02/18/2014): Finished with the swap a little while back. Here is the final version of my S52 OBD1 swap parts list. All of the part numbers should be accurate (unless they become superseded).

    EDIT (01/05/2015): Replaced the S52 specific swap list with my master e30 parts list

    Also, here is the (reset) Excel spreadsheet, if anyone would like to use it as a starting point: dropbox link

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    sub'd, Looks like you've got a solid base, I look forward to seeing where this goes. Based on your past build I'm sure this won't disappoint.

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      I approve of this arty direction.

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        What a clean E30... this is going to be a nice build. Sub'd as well

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              Love the photos and the build so far. Very jealous of both, can't wait to read and see more!


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                Originally posted by naplesE30
                Must stop clicking on Norwegian threads. Makes me wanna punch my car in da mouf.
                Originally posted by einstein57
                My tranny sounds like a blender full of walnuts. So I added sound deadner to the tunnel and put in a louder stereo. Am I doing it right?
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                  Ahh yes this is good. So very good.

                  Originally posted by SpasticDwarf;n6449866
                  Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.


                    Very nice. I'll be following. #f/1.4 crew checking in :p




                        this exactly!! sub'd
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                          sub'd! look great!
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                            sub'd, that photo quality though..giver hell.

                            i have no idea what i am doing with my life


                              in for more progress! Love your photography man.


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