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FreedomM3's RestoMod Diary - 89 325i

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    FreedomM3's RestoMod Diary - 89 325i

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    Hey guys,

    I figured it was about time to introduce myself and start posting some progress on my local craigslist find. Resto/Weekend/track project..

    A few weeks ago while randomly searching craigslist, I stumbled upon a very vague listing of a 1989 BMW 325i. All you could see is that it was gold, faded and in one piece. I emailed the seller and told her I wanted it and asked when it could be picked up. She stated it was part of an estate sale and she was only going to be in town Saturday to make the sale. This made is a bit difficult for me as I am busy with family on the weekend. Oh well. I found a late model E30 that appeared to be in one piece! Finally. I had been searching for a long time for a clean late model that was not $10k! Schweet!

    Did I mentioned I recently had two screws placed in my ankle? Oh, well I just had surgery. So being on crutches I am even more useless. I called up a long time friend and he offered to drive over with me and pick it up! Fast forward. We pulled up to the house about an hour away. This is about the only picture I got while making the purchase. Happily said it was purchased under $1,000.00.


    Heres Chris checking out the goods right before we took off.

    I was excited to have all the late model parts in great shape! Even the clear is still good on all the parts. The rest of the car is dull.

    Got her to my mothers house where the car will be stored. MY son also went with and was very excited to have a project car! I had purchased an ES when he was a lot younger and he remembered!

    Ugh those wheels..

    Time to start cleaning her up and start taking things a part:

    WTB Passenger side tail light! I'll trade! lol

    A little better!

    While still randomly searching craigslist, I found a convertible that was being sold as a rolling chassis. I was told it was lowered on H&R Sport springs, had complete front end, aftermarket wheels ( temporary) and 2.93 LSD from factory.

    I also wanted the complete front strut housing and complete subframe assembly for the suspension build. I can drive the E30 around while ordering/saving/installing the suspension and rebuilding the LSD..

    He had it listed for $500. I emailed him and told him I would do $200 as a last resort since he was moving and needed the car gone. After people playing games with him, he said lets go. I called the wrecked and went to pick up the parts car. $285 all in, she arrived at the house.

    Waiting on tow truck:

    Included a very heavy cast iron v8 block.. thanks..


    We sat her down on some damaged wheels I had to make it easy for me to get underneath..

    Random pics:

    Actually a nice wheel, the wood is in good shape. Center needs some polish! Apparently some drift project or something. meh. I started taking apart the parts car. I was semi excited to have some better looking wheels on Goldie but the excitement was short lives when I pulled the passenger front wheel of. Apparently he towed the car flat when he moved but I guess forgot to put the spacers on... tire...wheel...strut housing... nice..I also found out it has IE Stage 3 springs and not H&R..

    How I left her day 1

    She sat untouched...

    A day later after struggling with the damn e brake cable to drop the sub frame!

    Hello there

    What a mess lol

    Light de greasing bath

    I was exhausted today but still wanted to get some stuff done. I decided to pull the front bumper and was the front end down. Ugly halo lights came off too. She got a good wash under years of yuck!!

    OEM lights went on. I also tried one of the good wheels..Not horrible. They will do for now..

    Speaker wire... blue halo yay..

    Bye ebay headlights

    Cleaned, other wheels, not bad lol and my GLI

    Waiting for pay day so I can order new control arms, bushings and shocks! I cant wait so I can start building the suspension! I will be power coating most of the parts as well.

    I am still trying to decide to either do a full OEM bushing rebuild with the Bilstein Sports and Stg 3 IE or do poly... hmm..

    Hope you guys have enjoyed my spending thus far.

    There are alot of cheap parts for sale, if you see something shoot me a PM. Need it all gone. I will be cutting the car apart soon. I doubt someone would want to buy it without everything. I do have a title and keys for it. lol
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    Very nice progress and you got them both for great deals, there still out there you just have fast eye and pickup them up quick. Go with OEM if you want DD ride and poly if your plan is drive it hard and possibility do a swap later down the road.

    I went with poly just because I could easily install new ones, without paying a shop to press new ones in.

    I am looking for few things that are convertible only parts if you still have the vert laying around, There small things besides.


      Shoot me a PM, I have no use for convertible parts.

      I may go with Poly purely because this is a weekend car and it will be driven, occasionally taken to the mountains, small meets, trips etc but it will be DRIVEN. I love the OEM price point though. Sub $1,000 I can have the Bilsteins and entirely refreshed suspension.

      I also need to order the timing belt kit and get that done.

      It seems you have to snag them, which is what I certainly did with the coupe. I will keep the M20 until she kroaks then I will go Toyota. Though I have though of a simple M50 swap..

      So in all I got a 2.93 LSD, IE STG3 Springs, Hub / Wheel, New tires and spare wheels for $285. Works for me!!!
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        Small update: Nothing important got done. It was way to hot outside today. I picked up my parts! I love having a good friend with access to worldpac. All OEM supplier parts at cost..��

        I got the following items:

        Cam caps x4
        Timing belt
        Timing tensioner & spring
        Water pump
        Spark plugs (Bosch)
        Valve cover gasket
        Upper and lower hoses

        Hopefully I'll get it done on Monday. I'm afraid to turn the car on since its been sitting a while and I have no evidence on when it was done last. Anyways I did the new plugs after I did a compression test. Degreased the inside and out of the valve cover gasket, installed the gasket and threw some paint on it. Woot

        Made my own parts wash. Home Depot had the right idea!

        Hi temp primer and paint. It's no powder coating but it will do :)

        Once I have the rear subframe ready, maybe I'll take it with me to the powdercoaters

        How I left her. I'll be installing the springs so we can take it for a sping after the maintenance and interior is done. After that she'll go back on 4 jack stands for complete suspension swap and possibly paint by then!

        Left all the wheels I now own degreasing. You know, the wheels the car has are horrible but the yokohamas that are on them are brand new and they are 16s! I'll trash of sell the wheels and swap the tires over to the TRM C1s I plan on getting!

        Funny pic of the day

        My mothers neighbors hate me lol
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          Looks like a fun project!
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            Fun photo from today..

            I ended spraying some clear on the valve cover too

            Then this happened.. You know for a ga car, this thing has se wierd rust in places.

            The collar to remove the strut inset will be fun. It's completely rusted... Ugh I'm going to need to take all 4 suspension components to the shop and do everything there because of the rust.

            On a positive note, I was able to get rid of the top, passenger door and passenger fender! One step closer to getting rid of the parts car

            I also got some tools.. Professional Series Floor Jack, It's a special edition in FDE and they donate a small portion to wounded veterans. Couldn't beat a sweet looking, long lasting service jack for my shenanigans.

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              Originally posted by CRBR30 View Post
              Looks like a fun project!
              Certainly has been, although everytime I take something apart my ever growing need to buy list grows with it! Time for a brand new e30. Glad lots of parts are available.
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                Nice. Decent score on the car and good score on the parts car!
                Not that it matter but that vert never came with 2.93 as stock.
                You may also reconsider installing it along with your m20. May be better trading for a 3.73 or at least waiting till you have a bit more power.
                It will take more torque to pull a 2.93 decently.

                E30 M3 / E30 325is / E34 525iT / E34 535i


                  Thanks! You know.. I've been thinking about the LSD.

                  What did the vert come stock with? I was under the impression its OE. I've been considering selling it, not sure..
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                    Originally posted by FreedomM3 View Post
                    Thanks! You know.. I've been thinking about the LSD.

                    What did the vert come stock with? I was under the impression its OE. I've been considering selling it, not sure..

                    Well all verts are "i" cars so like all other US m20b25 cars the manuals came with a 3.73 while the automatics came with the same or the 4.10 depending on the production date.

                    E30 M3 / E30 325is / E34 525iT / E34 535i


                      This was a manual 325i. That's interesting. Apperantly the kid planned on doing a v8 swap at some point. Maybe he swapped it
                      Thanks for reading and posting!
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                        Don't mind the hub and top hats, I'll be ordering drop hats..

                        The set screw, screwed me on this side. Leaving me to have to buy a die and tap set. The set screw won't go back into the hub because of some small rust :(

                        These hubs are good but will be replaced in a few months when I can afford new arms and the bushing.

                        So my setup is:

                        Bilstein B8 Sport
                        IE Stage III

                        Unfortunately I could set the other side down to see the new ride height. It would be short lived anyways. I still gotta do the timing belt and pump. I've been dressing this. Ugh
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                        Our RestoMod Diary!

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                          Hoping to have the belt done and suspension done this weekend and take a small drive up to the ga mountains. It will be a nice cruise
                          Our RestoMod Diary!

                          El Mustache De La Resistance!


                            Nice project! I too need white vert parts. PM incoming


                              I shot you a PM regarding the parts car.
                              Patrick Henry

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