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1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

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    1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

    Hey R3v, been a while since I posted...I really enjoyed this forum and figured I'd put my build thread here since most of us love 2002s as well.

    Well, after 10 years, 100k+ wonderful miles in my 88 super eta, I had finally graduated from SJSU and become a Mechanical Engineer. As much as I loved the e30, I wanted something I could "go crazy" with. The e30 with CA smog really limited me. I grew up with hot rods, so I really wanted a V8. I miss the torque even though the modded supereta engine was peppy, it's nothing compared to V8 torque off idle and since CA won't let me legally turbo my m20, I decided to buy a m60 and 5 speed. But after sending my money and waiting 2 months for an engine/trans that never came, I was really upset and didn't even want the e30 anymore because I had picked up a 1970 2002 roller from my friend and wanted something newer and more comfortable with AC. So I went back to my roots and bought a 2005 Corvette Z51. Sad to say I don't Regret selling my e30, but I do miss it sometimes.

    So to fill my E30 void and "get crazy" I figured the 2002 with a turbo m20 would be awesome! I'll start out with a before and after of my e30, my new (to me) corvette, and finally the 2002 :)
    How it started: 88 325 Auto

    How the E30 was sold, 327i Miller MAF 272 Cam. 163whp.156wtq @311k miles.

    Here's the new daily, out front of my friends house who Bought my E30:

    And how it sits now.

    Onto the good stuff :)

    The car sat for a while before I picked it up off my friend. It had been sitting for a couple years and a tree had fallen on it, Denting the roof/hood and spiderwebbed the windshield. He also had too much fun with the welded diff and had damaged the fender and rear quarter on drivers side.
    My friend had it sitting pretty nice before that tho. Here's a pic in its glory he sent me showing how nice it "can" be.

    And here is how I saw it/bought it

    Purchased the roller in December of 2013, to bring it to my dads storage where it sat neglected while I was finishing school until October 2015 when I moved out of my college apartment and was able to bring it to my own garage at my new place.

    Sitting, collecting dust and rat piss/shit. Least it was out of the weather.

    While it sat in storage I focused on building my m20 for turbo. I wanted a bulletproof motor and had an eta block from a e30 I parted out. I wanted to learn how to build and engine so I figured no better way than diving in!

    The bores on my donor block weren't the nicest so I knew it would need some machine work. Then I figured why stop there?

    So I did tons of research and this was my recipe to my turbo m20:

    M52 Crank (polished/balanced)
    Eagle 135mm Rods (balanced)
    85mm Paul Burke 8.5:1 Turbo Pistons with oversized valve reliefs in case I go bigger down the road
    ARP head studs and main studs
    Goetze gasket (since only doing 15 psi)
    New KS rod/main bearings
    Bimmerheads 284/274 cam
    HD rockers
    3D cut valve job
    Crank scraper and oil baffle
    DIYMS2PNP with KaMotors base tune and 60# injectors

    Going to school and working part time didn't allow me to accumulate these parts quickly, for I didn't want to "cheap out" anywhere. So now that this build can move along a little faster now I figured it's time to document progress.
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    (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
    1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:

    I remember your e30 build, always like that one. It'll be exciting to see what you do with the 02.

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        1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

        Here's the donor m20 from my friends 325es I parted out.

        Tore it down to the block cuz I didn't need any of the eta stuff.

        Took it to my apartment and disassembled it to the bare block.

        Then brought it to APM Custom Engine in Gilroy,CA. Felix is a great guy.
        The block stayed at the machinist for a while because I was waiting for my Pistons from Paul Burke. These were well worth the wait and I didn't even want to use'd probably they are.

        85mm, 8.5:1, forged aluminum with mil spec ceramic top coat. +1mm valve pockets for future upgrade

        These things are a work of art and I hope Paul is still making these because he was having some health issues. I hope he has overcome those, I feel fortunate to have a set of these.

        To connect these bad boys I got some new in box Eagle 135mm rods.

        Opened them all and found them to be weighing .5g of each other.

        I'm losing some serious weight out of the rotating assembly. Eagle rod on average weighs just under 550g each. Never weighed the eta rod because they're weren't same size so not a fair comparison. But apparently both m20 rods weigh 626g. That's 756g (1.67lb) savings on rods alone.

        I also picked up an m52 crank with 100k miles.

        Threw it on the scale, 45.8lbs. This crank is forged steel. I want to say the cast crank was close to 50lbs. Can someone confirm? I can't find my pic. But I wanna say I lost 3 lbs moving from m20 eta crank to m52.

        Even lost weight on each piston. Not sure the difference in weight between eta and i Pistons. But here's a 87 eta piston.

        This totals to 445.8g (.98lb) amongst the 6. Anyone know the weight of i piston?

        As you can see all these grams and lbs will make a big difference i think in the response of this motor. I happy my m20 is losing weight since it's going into a 2002 that normally has a 4 cylinder. Plus I won't be using PS or AC so that's more weight off as well.
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        (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
        1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


          Brandon. Happy to see you're finally posting up about your 2002!

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            1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

            Now that I have the rotating assembly I was able to give that all to my machinist to start balancing/polishing. He also mic'd out my bearings and checked my
            Journals to make sure I'd be okay. Which everything measured out great! I didn't know there was different sized bearings at the time, thank god I need the std set I bought.
            Here's the KS main/rod bearings

            While Felix was doing the machine work I went to a local picknpull and found a 89 325i with 168k miles. And the motor was complete :) so I took the 885 head off.
            Stripping a head down in the junkyard is not fun. They wanted to charge me extra for each rocker. try dissasembling the head at the counter @ picknpull with only a socket set and wrenches lol. But I got it.

            Got it home and cleaned it out with some degreaser and the hose. This thing was filthy.

            Next was to clean the combustion side. I filled each chamber with degreaser and let it sit over night. Then hosed off.

            Not as clean as I wanted. So disassembled it and brought it to a shop to be cleaned.
            They did a great job :)

            Then I had dirty valves so I took my dremel with a worn scotch bright bit and cleaned up each valve.

            After all this I brought the head to Felix to pressure test, check valve guides, surface, and do a valve job.

            Couple weeks passed because I told him to take his time since he had a few engines to build, I told him I was in no rush.
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            (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
            1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


              Nice work so far, I love the amount of detail, weighing every component to maximize savings.


                1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

                Came to pick up the block, head, and balanced assembly. His machine work looked great!

                Block looking brand new with 85mm bores and a fresh deck!

                The crank looked brand new. Polished journals.

                The head passed the pressure test and the valve guides weren't worn and were in good spec.

                Nice RA on the head. Valve grind looks great too!

                I wanted to port and polish my self but I read that unless flow testing or having years of experience, you'll probably end up hurting flow then helping on the intake side. I also read you shouldn't polish intake cuz you want turbulence. But I felt confident not to screw up the head flow by polishing the exhaust ports. Just took my dremel to it with a 220 grit bit and smoothed out everything then made it shiny with a scotch pad

                Also shined up the combustion chamber because I read a polished combustion chamber will actually resist carbon build up and will help reflect heat (i.e. keep it in chamber) better.

                At this point I was ready for reassembly!
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                (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
                1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


                  1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

                  Shout out to Matt @ Bimmerheads for hooking me up with HD rockers, valve springs, 284/274 cam, oversized eccentrics and new studs/hardware.

                  Bimmerhead dual valve springs. (Couldn't get Matt to tell me the secret of what brand! :( )

                  First step is to put the valve seals on!

                  Then slide your valves in on bottom side and springs/retainers on top side and use your trusty valve spring compressor :)

                  Once Spring is compressed, put valve collets on and release it. Then repeat 12 times. Then flip it over and look at what you've accomplished :)

                  Then lube up your cam lobes and slide that cam in.

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                  (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
                  1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


                    Good to see you make a thread. Also, belated congrats on graduating!
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                      1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

                      Originally posted by SkiFree View Post
                      Good to see you make a thread. Also, belated congrats on graduating!

                      Thanks, I graduated in May, So I have some catching up to do on the thread. As you know we've talked months ago about the crank spacer stuff.

                      Originally posted by mbonder View Post
                      Nice work so far, I love the amount of detail, weighing every component to maximize savings.
                      Its all in the details in my opinion what makes a car reliable. Can't just keep putting gas, oil, and water and expect everything to last for ever.

                      And for the weights. I just want to document these kinds of things. For everyones knowledge.

                      Originally posted by Steven View Post
                      Brandon. Happy to see you're finally posting up about your 2002!
                      Yeah about time right? Hah. And its BrandEn

                      So here is the completed head. Had to source used rocker shafts because they are NLA and I damaged the ones hammering off the rockers with no spring compressor.

                      Also got a single mass flywheel lightened form 18 to 15 lbs by Felix. Here is the backside where he took off some meat.

                      I ended up selling that one to my friend in need of a flywheel. It ended up working in my favor because my friend had a 323i flywheel. Which is 13 lbs. This is BMW's lightest flywheel for the m20. You can see how much less material there is on back of flywheel.

                      Since I'm going turbo, I needed some tuning capabilities. So I chose to go Megasquirt because it seemed to be successful on a lot of peoples turbo set ups and for the DIY portion it was only $400. I want to learn as much as I can with this build and collect valuable skills I can use in my future.

                      Plus I never use my soldering iron haha. So here it is.

                      Was happy that DIYAutotune had good instructions and a nice printed board because it was pretty easy.

                      Piece by piece was soldered in

                      I had soldered the 55-pin adapter upside down...that was a huge mistake. Luckily my buddy helped me undo my F**k up with some heatguns he had at work.

                      Started the jumpers

                      And Finished!

                      Plug n Play...atleast I hope. I have KAMotors base tune for 60lb injectors, which he also sent me.

                      Next post will be of the block assembly.
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                      (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
                      1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


                        1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

                        In order to use the m52 crank it needs a spacer for the oil seal to ride on.

                        This was my first time doing an interference fit, get it blue hot.

                        Unloading the block...

                        The workshop lol.

                        Is a paperclip clearance good enough??

                        ARP Torqued

                        Installed wrist pins/pistons onto rods.

                        All 6 of them.

                        Can't use pistons to push rings down when theyre dished...just used a locked caliper to push down evenly to do piston ring gaps

                        Then push all of them in their holes :P

                        Threw down some aluminum paint for that weight savings ;)

                        ARP head studs threaded in.

                        Gonna try the HX35 for a budget turbo for now just to get the car on the road.

                        eBay special, seems to be in good condition. no shaft play, spins smooth.

                        Had to get rid of the internal wastegate tho and I figured might as well add some bling to the compressor. I regretted taking this on but once i started i couldn't stop.

                        Hours Later

                        Some More Hours Later

                        And a final shining. Never again. I will pay for a polished housing next time...

                        Got new seals pressed in to the covers.

                        I was planning on doing Turbo Flares until these popped up locally.

                        Gruppe 2 Fender Flare kit. This one is from Belgium according to the PO.

                        Theyre pretty wide :)

                        He wanted to sell me these Jongbloed wheels, 15x10 with 275 hoosiers. I didn't like the fact they were redrilled and also didn't have the cash at the time for them. But i will have a set made for me.

                        Goetze Gasket on.

                        Put the head on, and started assembling front of the motor

                        Installed water pump

                        Covers on, even though they had to come back off for the Tbelt

                        Love how it turned out

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                        (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
                        1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


                          1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

                          That was as far as I got before the build took a stop because I was moving. But its for the good because now I have been doing some decent progress finally.

                          Picked up a steering wheel. I've always loved this wheel and it seems to be right at home in a 2002.

                          Momo Prototipo

                          Got a replacement drivers fender. Since mine had a giant dent and tons of bondo.

                          Jasco Paint stripper works wonders.

                          Went to my dads storage and pulled out my 02 to be towed to my new place with a garage!

                          And in her new home that she won't be moving from for a while.

                          And the first modification!

                          Battery belongs in the back in a bimmer.

                          I really like this brace. Battery relocation, battery disconnect, and rear brace in 1!

                          New aux shaft gear to replace the old stamped piece

                          Put some modeling clay to check the piston to valve clearance.

                          Torqued the head

                          Timing belt on

                          Gave her a couple rotations and checked the clearances. Whats minimum clearance?

                          Got the belt back on and tensioned

                          Got the T4 adapter bolted up for mock up. I forgot to order exhaust gaskets, But couldnt wait to see what it looked like with a turbo next to it :)

                          I'm slowly re-orginizing the garage. Eventually I want to equip it with an Air Compressor, Air Tools, Press, and a TIG welder. But started cheap so...

                          Got some more light for the garage!

                          Installed the 60# injectors

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                          (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
                          1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


                            Awesome build! This thing is going to be killer. Following this one

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                              What are your goals for boost, HP, TQ?