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1986 325 62k miles Lizzy my "Zephyr"

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    1986 325 62k miles Lizzy my "Zephyr"

    Thought I'd start a thread on my 1986 325 that I got several years ago with 42k miles and an autotragic in her. Since then I've done several things:


    Bumper tuck
    Fog lights delete
    Lowered on Vogtlands
    4.10 VLSD
    5 Speed swap (done by Bimmerbuddies when my hand was busted)
    Projector headlights retrofit
    Bumper fillers refresh
    Map light rearview retrofit
    13 Button OBC retrofit
    SSK with Zhp knob
    Poly trans mounts
    High flow muffler
    15' Basketweaves with 20mm spacers
    Oil cooler retrofit
    7k tach retrofit

    Maybe the last item hints on my next project, an 885 head swap! But while I'm at it... how about megasquirt and wasted spark too? ;D I'm going to list what I have and what I plan to get and any suggestions are more than welcome! I would also appreciate advice on wasted spark as I'm not entirely sure how to set it up.

    885 Headswap from 88 325ix (head was rebuilt, new rockers and clean valves)
    Wiring harness from 91 325i vert
    Whodwho Megasquirt DME V1.0 (Got for just $10!!! :o )
    GM IAT sensor
    APXS wideband O2 sensor

    Bosch coil pack (so I can use factory cables)
    Cabling to run wasted spark?
    Variable TPS (89 525i auto or E36 sensor with adapter plate?)
    Intake tube with IAT bung for AFM delete
    Vacuum T and 3mm hose


    Adjustable timing gear
    Crank scraper
    Gasket matching ports

    I also have some other things I may install


    3 gauge ashtray cluster Oil PSI, Temp, and Volts
    Oil filter sandwich plate, for turbo feeding or maybe sensors?
    3.73 LSD
    324td crank (later with custom pistons?)
    Billie shocks
    Poly lollipops
    Poly motor mounts
    Heated sport seats (need redone in blue)
    Plastic bumper swap from my other car, the black 89 325ix pictured
    Full 325ix fender flare kit including door trim from 88 parts ix

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    It's cute. I like it
    Originally posted by Vokuhila
    I laughed, and then I serioused


      Looks very clean, very nice color!

      Impressive list, she's getting plenty of love I see
      Instagram : makeitsnap

      1985 e28 520i


        Yes, she is getting alot of love lol. However, I've hit a bit of a road block with working on the car as the car I drive in the winter that I was going to daily with this car out is not passing inspection. Why? Rotted frame on my 325ix. So, now I have to figure out what I'm doing with her and go from there.