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The Blunderwagon - 89 325iX touring 3.1L stroker

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    I found a half hour to poke around inside and under the car, and wrote up a list of things I'd like to address. It is here:

    things that are bad

    horrible noises from transmission
    rusty flywheel, questionable clutch condition
    worst shifter ever wowie
    rusty brakes
    rusty clutch slave, clutch makes weird noise
    terrible clutch master-slave hardline

    doesn’t start anymore
    unknown condition of valves
    unknown timing belt mileage
    oil level light on check panel

    rear seats uneven
    horrible trunk trim reupholstery job
    lots of missing trim everywhere
    center console has holes in it
    door seals not staying put
    missing rear inner sills
    garbage floor mats
    cluster doesn’t work a lot of the time
    driver’s window inop
    windows have power to them when car is off (whole fuse 19 circuit? radio?)

    rust in a bunch of places
    mangled trans hole
    caved-in driver’s side sill

    damned eyebrows
    caked-on trims
    faded window trims
    missing gutter
    fucky repaint
    missing euro indicators, empty hole in driver’s side fender

    things that need done

    remove exhaust
    - pull rear section
    - pull cat section
    - empty it of water, see if elements are in good shape
    - pull manifolds
    - media blast, maybe ceramic coat these

    address transmission noise/functionality
    - throwout bearing
    - pilot bearing
    - shifter (use UUC one? does it work in iX?)
    - selector rod (check for wear)
    - shift knuckle (check if long or short kind, 89 is crossover year)
    - clutch?
    - transfer case mount
    - clutch hard line
    - clutch soft line

    - pull f/r driveshafts
    - pull transfer case
    - verify transfer case bearings are tight
    - replace transfer case mount bushing
    - pull shifter assembly
    - pull transmission
    - clutch+flywheel r&r
    - replace pilot bearing
    - replace throwout bearing
    - replace slave
    - replace hard line
    - replace soft line
    - verify master and pedal box are bolted up correctly
    - weld up mangled transmission hole
    - replace transmission
    - install better shifter assembly
    - install transfer case
    - install driveshafts

    clean up & reinstall exhaust
    - hardware for joining manifolds and pipes
    - rubber donut things for hanging zorst

    - recondition pipes if possible
    - use real mounting hardware and mounts :|
    - reinstall exhaust

    unfuck motor
    - coolant
    - oil
    - radiator hoses
    - maybe tb/wp kit
    - valve cover gasket
    - radiator lower/upper mounts
    - maybe oil level sender
    - maybe various rubber boots
    - fuse box lid

    - dump fluids
    - pull radiator
    - pull front covers
    - inspect water pump shaft for play, maybe replace
    - inspect tensioner bearings
    - inspect, maybe replace belt
    - install E36 radiator, new water hoses
    - reroute fuel lines to not touch steering linkage
    - remove extraneous trans cooling lines
    - remove extraneous cooling loops (what are these even)
    - valve adjustment
    - fix no-start condition (fuel? electronics?)
    - fix inop oil level sender
    - clean up motor outsides, look for leaks
    - inspect rubber intake boot and vac lines for cracks/wear
    - smoke test the mofo

    rebuild brakes
    - caliper rebuild kits
    - are these iX specific? do they have guide pins?
    - caliper paint
    - SS lines
    - front rotors?
    - rear rotors? (unobtainium, find a place to turn them?)
    - rear parking brake shoes

    - pull calipers
    - pull rotors
    - disassemble calipers, soak in WD40
    - blast calipers and brackets
    - replace rubber bits
    - grease + reassemble sliding mechanisms

    fix driver interface problems
    - odo gears
    - SI batteries
    - replacement OBC
    - radio
    - replacement forward console (3-hole? 5-hole? put heater buttons in while rear doors stay wind-up?)
    - replacement rearward console
    - shift boot

    - pull cluster
    - replace kph gauge for mph
    - reflow solder on SI board
    - replace SI batteries
    - reinstall cluster, verify functionality
    - replace fucked 6-button OBC
    - figure out what the rear window harness actually goes to
    - remove auto trans harness
    - plug random trans tunnel holes
    - hook up reverse harness correctly
    - install new shift rubber surround
    - uninstall crappy radio
    - install forward center console (maybe one without a big chunk taken out of it..
    - install rearward center console (maybe one without giant holes)
    - install shift boot+knob
    - find and fix electrical issues that make windows operable while car is off

    fix other interior problems
    - all the trunk trim
    - rear door sills
    - POR-15
    - seat adjustment knob

    - replace missing glovebox pin
    - replace missing seat adjustment lever
    - make rear seats sit evenly
    - pull carpets up, check how bad floors are
    - cry
    - replace missing sills
    - make interior lights work
    - replace or reupholster all that horrible trunk trim

    fix exterior problems
    easy, short-term
    - repaint window trims with SEM
    - get the damn eyebrows off the grills
    - replace is lip with i lip
    - straighten front valence
    - texturize, repaint rear valence

    hard, long-term
    - strip the whole goddamn thing and get it repainted by someone that doesn’t have asses instead of arms
    - move into hole vacated by pile of money required to do the above

    i'm trying to not look at the whole list at the same time.
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      yeah holy crap thats a big list.
      1984 Delphin 318i 2 door


        List seems about on par with my old 325ix. Good luck dude!
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          I wanted to buy this so badly, will be worthwhile when everything is said and done. Since it’s a iX you get to ask the “is it iX specific” question, and on many parts yes the are, namely suspension, driveline, and steering.

          As for the shifter, it is iX specific, personally I’d just recommend a Z3 1.9 shifter, I have a DSSR from garagistic and it needed a lot of clearancing (still does) and it’s offset weird. The front brakes are not iX specific. Just girling and yes they have slide pins.

          Now for the fun part. It’s not only a iX but it’s a iX tourings and what that means is the rear brakes are specific to the iX touring. I’m quite certain these can be converted but it has all been covered in the iX subforum.

          Oh and the rust told me to tell you to stop being a bitch
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            Originally posted by Chrisbike View Post
            I wanted to buy this so badly, will be worthwhile when everything is said and done.
            I hope so! an ix touring definitely been a (pipe) dream of mine for years. looking forward to seeing it realized.

            Originally posted by Chrisbike View Post
            Oh and the rust told me to tell you to stop being a bitch
            that fucker is going down

            Originally posted by Julien View Post
            List seems about on par with my old 325ix. Good luck dude!
            all your photos are dead


            yesterday I unpacked the car. Some goodies came with it -

            a husco armrest, in good shape. unfortunately mounted to the center console at a 3rd-grade level. will be for sale since it gets in my way because I own elbows.

            a DOT-R ix trans that came from 002 salvage a few years ago. Paint pen markings indicate that the trans was two years from new when pulled and sold, which fills me with hope. It's good that I don't have to hunt for this, since the trans in the car is absolutely toast and they're not so common.

            on to the car itself, looks like there's a new starter -

            and a new muffler section -

            and a decent-looking front giubo -

            and, uh some coolers? the back one isn't connected to anything. It was probably for the auto trans.

            the front grills are off in that photo because I removed the eyebrows. I will mail them to anyone, for free, if they write and post a 5-paragraph essay explaining how exactly they've managed to go so wrong in life as to appreciate e30 eyebrows. I'm extra-angry because these were attached with several feet of butyl tape and it was a bitch to get off.

            more evidence of previous hack-jobbery started to present itself here. For some of these, I have no idea how it's even possible to accomplish something with so little skill applied.

            the transfer case mount was just tightened until it basically tore the bushing. they could have just slid the mount forward by a centimeter and not fucked themselves (and me) over, but no.

            home depot exhaust hardware. this is also in the manifolds. sigh.

            the trailer hitch is cool and all, but it was installed by people that should not be allowed near tools, or hands. it's made by Westfalia, apparently. I'll probably take it off and sell it, I have a giant van for towing and don't think the touring would make it far anyway.

            weird takeoffs from the rear lights - this ties the trailer lights into the system but there's almost certainly a cleaner way to do it.

            spliced to the euro connector. the wires are taken through the back panel behind the bumper, and the hole is jagged and rusty. yay.

            I don't even want to know what happened here. it does look like they forgot to finish painting it.

            took the trunk trim out and apart because it's all really poorly reupholstered. I am having trouble coming up with scary enough words to describe how bad it is.

            the rear inner trim panel and the plastic cover piece were attached to the back sheet metal via a baseball-sized amount of silicone, and self-tapping drill-screws. it hurt me to write this sentence. it's all removed now.

            it'll be fine. i'll be fine. definitely haven't started to drink more.
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              oh, and it's not starting because it NEDS FULE POMP. of course. ordered a Walbro 255.
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                Originally posted by kronus View Post
                all your photos are dead
                photobucket fix, bro ;D
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                  Drooling over the car but not envious of the work ahead. At least it's a chassis worth the effort.
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                    subscribed for the updates!


                      Congrats, Dmitriy - nice to see another DS added to your fleet. I'm moving back to the Bay Area in a couple of weeks, hope to see this and your other DS which I've been meaning to see for so long!

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                        Needs more Dean
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                          Originally posted by kronus View Post
                          so basically, I'm an idiot and went ahead and bought a car....

                          (p.s. 2mAn, no, the white car will never ever be finished)

                          Well... I guess finish this one *shrug*

                          Do you have something against white cars? Lol
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                            yeah actually i hate white e30s and i hate painting engine bays and both of those are happening to that other one..
                            cars beep boop


                              Definitely following this one. :)

                              As for the rear brakes/rotor's you've mentioned in that quite long list.
                              They are specific for the ix touring. The rear rotors are available from BMW again although at 125€ each they aren't cheap.

                              Also, if you need new trim for the interior. You should have a look on ebay-kleinanzeigen.
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                                great lookin' project. I've never seen the C101 oriented sideways like it is in one of the pictures. Looks fun. The transfer case mount is a bloody mess. I wonder why they thought it was proper.