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    What should i say, i just need a hobby too
    No for real, when my father asked six-year-old me what car i wanted to drive when i was an adult, i pointed at a boxy looking - blue car, which you may have already guessed, was an E30.
    Fast forward to my 24th birthday i already had 3 BMW's (all E46 pre fl) which i never kept for long (since they all had a lot issues, some i didn't want to fix)
    So i started early 2018 in my garage to remove the engine out of my E46 Coupe and put it in my later on bought E30 316iA.

    Let the pictures speak first:

    As you can see, there's not much left of the original driveline
    Now to the changes:

    Receiving car :BMW E30 316iA (Automatic) from 1986 A sedan with 220tkm on the tach, was in good shape and cheap
    Donor: BMW E46 328Ci Bj. 1999 that was cheap and rusty…
    Engine: M52B28TU
    Gearbox: ZF 5-Gear

    Donor had also around 220tkm on the tach, gave the engine all the services and some modifications which are listed more down below.

    Enginemounts: exhaust side BMW E36 enginemounts
    intake side 24V enginemounts from ( /
    enginebearings: 70mm enginemounts from E34 525i (with small offset)
    gearboxmounts: BMW E30 325i
    Gearboxbearings: driverside E30 316iA, the other side from E46 328Ci.
    Exhaust: Team2Fast stainless steel exhaust system, covered in heatwrapping.
    manifold: E36 manifolds.
    proshaft: Mix of E36 328i and E30 316iA
    Differential: E36 compact Differential 3.38
    driveshafts: E36 compact left and right
    rear axle: original E30 316iA, swings from E36 compact incl brakes.
    brakediscs rear: E36 compact
    brakecalipers rear: fromE36 328i (sedan)
    shocks: ‚Bad Grip‘ sportshockabsorbers (i know the brand's name is not promising)
    springs: shorter springs from FK for E30 60/40mm
    hub front: Z3 hubs, with EPYTEC wheelhub Adapter
    brakediscs front: 292mm BREMBO
    brakecalipers rear: E36 328i, slightly moddified carrier with adapters from ( /
    wishboners: Meyle HD
    flybar: Meyle HD
    camberplates: Uniball Camberplates Silver-Project PL
    strutbrace front/rear: Drift King
    wiring loom adapter: Adapter M52TU → E30 from Bruno Antunes
    brakebooster.: E34 525i Tandembrakebooster
    Tach: E30 325i (Codplug 6 Zylinder, Tankvolume 55l)
    Pedals: E30 manual gearbox Pedals inkl clutch master
    steering wheel: E28 3-spoke
    gearboxlinkage: shortshifter from wish, linkage from donor
    seats: Sportseats Design Edition Daytona violett
    intake manifold: M54B30 with DISA and KGE
    rims: remotec's 8x16 ET35
    spacers: SCC 30mm per axle
    wheels: front = 205/50/16 Toyo Proxes T1R; rear = 225/50/16 Yokohama Advan Neova AD08
    antenna: automatic
    radio: Becker mexico CD pro
    seatbelt:red one
    electronics: working
    faultcodes: still alot

    Drives like a charm ​​

    >First time it ran with exhaust fitted<

    >first time it drove<

    There's still some work to do so i'll make sure to keep you updated.

    Pix. No workey...

    Can you reformat & repost please?

    CAPP :-)


      Originally posted by Cptcarisma View Post
      Pix. No workey...

      Can you reformat & repost please?

      CAPP :-)

      They work on Firefox, but i guess you view them on tapatalk?

      Will re upload again :)



        The brake upgrade to 5 Stud 292mm Brembos:

        bracing the front axle

        stainless steel exhaust

        the engine in after transplant

        current look
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          more pictures




          inside again

          engine bay
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            So there's still alot stuff to do.
            Like fixing the body and the paint (both are on some parts really rough) and changing the tach from plasma to oem back or taking care of the dashboard and seats.


              I like the nod to MCM. Those guys are always fun to watch.


                Originally posted by jeenyus View Post
                I like the nod to MCM. Those guys are always fun to watch.
                Thank's. Their videos where the reason why i started to fix my first car years ago.
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                  • Wrapped some more wires
                    re-routed the loom and relais
                    made a provisional mount for the ecu and expansion tank
                    got a 45° elbow piece for the intake (gotta love me some hot air and water when radiator goes kaboom)
                    have to weld my own mounts and figure out how to get cold air to the filter

                  Also im getting a catalytic converter and some stiffening plates for the front struts. Meanwhile i tried to teach myself how to weld, it's actually fun :)
                  I removed all of the insulation stuck to the bonnet. Ordered some clips and pieces to tidy even more. Getting there slowly!


                    Borbet type A specs? I'm guessing 16x7.5 et25?


                      Originally posted by ErectNoose View Post
                      Borbet type A specs? I'm guessing 16x7.5 et25?

                      Almost. 16x8 Remotec B80636 ET35 (On the car with 15mm spacer bringing it to ET20)


                        Diff rebuild

                        So i got myself a Z3 188Diff which im rebuilding.
                        Some pics of the WIP and the enginebay

                        Attached Files
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                          Replaced all the lightbulps in and around the car, all where from Bosch.
                          Fixed the cluster and converted it to OEM look.

                          Also a picture of my remotec rims:

                          Had to remove the rear spacers since the E36compact axle already gave me a Offset of +19mm
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                            Still in the middle of fixing the 188 Diff.
                            Some pictures, also ordered the wrong speedo sensor.

                            Cover with new bushing, plugs and wrong sensor:

                            new gaskets

                            do not cover this hole, also it has to be at 12o'clock when mounted in the diff housing.

                            also painted:

                            used 2-3 coats of hammerit paint.
                            Attached Files


                              Found some rust in the rear wheel well which i cut out and sealed with rust remover/paint from hammerit. will continue cutting more metall tomorrow, maybe weld it on the weekend. Also the bonnet needs some work since it got some dents with rust underneath.
                              Oh and i put the Diff back together, just waiting for the sealant to dry, will fill it with oil when new sensor arrives.