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    don't touch wet sealant is what i learnt this time.

    In other news i cleaned the interieur again, greased the seat mechanism again. Just the normal maintenance to keep everything going.
    Will replace the bonnet soon since there seems to be more filler thand actual metal.
    Just need someone to paint my car in 173 lapis blue (maybe with gold flakes)
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      New coding plug.

      Gesendet von meinem SNE-LX1 mit Tapatalk


        Paint prep work and misc

        The final question which colour i will use has been decided.
        It's going to be Alpina blau metallic FE86-5489 which looks like that:

        good news where that the aplina decor is still available and costs 270€. I will invest that too.
        The current deal for painting it was 2500€, but since i will do all the prep work and sanding it probably will be a lot cheaper.

        The catalytic converter and the frontstrut stiffening has to be welded in, the diff needs a fill and the right sensor.
        Also still need to get figures on the dyno.
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          ECU moved inside the car. the splicing action was real.
          About half the wires that where used:

          Started to feel like a bad idea:

          Getting there:



          Did this with all the wires needed for the ECU. fits now inside the glovebox.
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              Finished the wiring and filled the diff with 75W140 (about 1.2l)
              Also rolled the rear fenders.


                Put the new diff in, did some rust removal of the battery tray and rolled the last fender.

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                  That blue will be incredible. The cloth imterior looks fantastic. Good luck with the build.


                    Originally posted by e30RS View Post
                    That blue will be incredible. The cloth imterior looks fantastic. Good luck with the build.
                    Thank's mate!

                    Next week it will hopefully get TÜV approved!
                    Meanwhile i bought a design edition touring (see my other thread) which i cant wait to pick up.

                    Maybe now i should do a V8 swap? ;D
                    No, should keep it stock... Just for those sweet historical license plates


                      I cleaned up the enginebay and drove around alot with it. Went once to Saalfelden and got blitzed! 40€ Ticket for speeding lol.
                      Paint still looks horrible, but i don't have the time nor funds right now.


                        This looks great!
                        Awesome progress.
                        E30 320i vert
                        But daily drive is Volvo V60 Polestar