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When playing split screen video games is screen watching cheating?

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    Originally posted by PootieTang View Post
    i hope you die in a fire

    oh and using 0's over o's makes you a fucking douchebag. period.
    no what makes me a douchebag is when I made Lexi go ass to mouth last night. she was on her period too btw.


    Originally posted by JamesE30
    And with a car looking like yours I imagine the balance shall tip in the favor of insult, like a big fat fucking retarded fucking black girl on a see-saw, opposite... a dwarf.


      Originally posted by Alkasquawlik View Post
      no what makes me a douchebag is when I made Lexi go ass to mouth last night. she was on her period too btw.
      Would not read again.
      Originally posted by z31maniac
      I just hate everyone.

      No need for discretion.


        ok so I have wii but I think shooter games are the best on wii

        with that being said, to the OP and other punks on here crying about 'screen cheating'. Get your GAME up! YOU all do it to, you bums!

        I'll tear any one of you up on wii or 360 in COD, you can come challenge me at house after you buy $100 in parts!

        This is really a shameless plug but.....

        I am serious though haha lol

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        Originally posted by Steve92E34
        Your car is breathing my air, and so are you.
        AND you are both still slow


          Joey usually wins too! I'm not sure why he's so upset...

          Maybe it's because his gf was complaining and she has him by the balls... :)


            This thread is making me rofl all over the place!

            Both parties have equal rights to look, or not to look at each others screen. I say it's not cheating.
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            Aside from showing yourself to be offensive, lacking experience and ignorant in the ways of business, you're also illiterate and imprudent. Beyond that, your sense of liability is severely impaired.


              If you're not first, you're last. Screen peeking is perfectly kosher, as you know your friends are doing it too. They only bitch and moan when you pull it off better. Though most of the time, my friends and I just play team games to eliminate the temptation.
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                Well of course it is.
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