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It's Friday Morning.

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  • TexasTerp
    Today sucks! First I had a performance at 11am and I'm supposed to be taking my girl out on a date tonight in Burlington, but it's fucking raining!! Damnit! So much for dinner on the water, I fucking hate New Hampshire/Vermont, Fuck the North East!!!!!

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  • hot karl marx
    go fuck yourselves.

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  • Jon325i
    I work for the state of California now, so today is my 3rd "furlough Friday" of the month (we get the first three Fridays of each month off due to the fiscal mess we're in). So far today I have....

    Made coffee - on 4th cup

    Ate 2 pieces of wheat toast

    Made a couple of phone calls

    Downloaded some fiber to the toilet

    Going indoor kart racing with my nephew in a couple of hours and then get some lunch with my sister and nieces.


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  • Kruzen
    started a topic It's Friday Morning.

    It's Friday Morning.

    Pesto, feta, + egg white wrap + energy drink for breakfast

    Banana for snack here in an hour.

    half pack of cigarettes ready for the day

    Brand new chevelle album on the queued up in winamp.

    Low work load so far today.

    shaping up to be a good day. Let's post why we're happy its today