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    Originally posted by Pac1373 View Post
    I agree, it is Gay, whoever does not agree is a retarded Fag.
    Shit dude....that'd be a double whammy. I'm glad I'm an advanced heterosexual.
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      they are just words i dont understand why people (retards?) feel they need to "abolish" certain words...its simple dont let the word bother you and eventually its effectiveness wears off..

      example - the n word...yes alot of people still think its taboo , and in a sense it is but strangely enough its been so over used that at this point a shit ton of people say it with no intention of harm behind it that its lost its "power" (white?)

      i mean honestly all the time and occasionally money , that people spend to stop this kind of shit could be put to better use ..i mean yes there are alot of people out there who say these words with intention to do harm but 90 percent of the time they arent..

      i swear alot , i watch myself around kids but otherwise there is no fucking cocksucking bitch waffleswaffleswaffleswaffles fucking filter between what i think and say (with in reason) and yeah i sometimes get looks i just dont take it so seriously i mean its a fucking word thats it there is nothing to read into it ...anywho later cockbag fuckers


        Originally posted by LJ851 View Post
        Thats why i'm not on facebook.
        This. /retard thread.


          I'm more partial to "Re-Re" or "Tard". I call people "half a tard" all the time, too. :D


            Originally posted by lj851 View Post
            thats why i'm not on facebook.


              Originally posted by Roysneon View Post

              So do you guys think they should have just gone all Spartan and thrown the child away at the first sign of her being different than other children? Put in a home? Paid by whom if so?

              Do you call your president a Negro?
              up till about 35-40 years ago, in the old days a good postnatal staff could see the signs of shit like this in a lot of cases. And those new borns were "not looked in on as much' and would normally not get to go home. Now a-days anyone and everyone involved with the facility would get the shit sued outta them down to the janitor that was on vacation and the guy that did his taxes if something happened to the special ones . My great grandma was a midwife and my grandma has passed little tid bits like this on.
              Originally posted by Fusion
              If a car is the epitome of freedom, than an electric car is house arrest with your wife titty fucking your next door neighbor.
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                I have some more interesting words that some people hate!

                Shhh. It's a secret....

                (They're midgets)

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                  Joshh, now link her to this thread.
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                  Originally posted by der affe
                  first try a finger or 2, you need to have them suck on it first and get it nice and wet to help it slip in.

                  if she goes for that, astroglide up your pole, have her lay on her stomach and slip it in slowly and bury it to your balls and leave it there until she relaxes. once she is used to it slam that ass like a screen door.


                    You guys see the 'black cloud over america' thing?
                    People are way oversensitive and in some cases just want to twist the message in their own dumb way.

                    The lady should be mad at herself. Provided you were talking about something way different, her associating that word to her child actually makes her the one calling him a retard.
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                      Originally posted by slammin.e28guy View Post
                      Shit dude....that'd be a double whammy. I'm glad I'm an advanced heterosexual.

                      WTF are you like a gameboy or something?
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                        Welcome to r3v where you can't put swear words in the title. Fucking commies.

                        Ma che cazzo state dicendo? :|


                          Retarded is pretty accurate. The full term is mental retardation and I think it comes from some chemical retardation of a gene or something. So 'retarded' is part of the technical term. I have no idea why it became unPC to use it. My girl works with autistic kids and agrees. Although autism is not mental retardation.


                            bbbbbbbbb haaaaaaaaa, wetahded u guys funi cereals, bye bye i gotta keep da city in my bellybutton live

                            retarded thread is retarded
                            Jah bless! :pimp:


                              Originally posted by DTM190 View Post
                              Joshh, now link her to this thread.

                              There's no way in hell. I'm not out to make enemies but you got my laughing at the idea.
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