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i love my brother!

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    i love my brother!

    my older brother is the man! he's 29 and im 18, we've always been closed. partied together back when i started highschool and he's taught me so much. from how to fight off assholes to treating people right, he always told me , "treat them like gold and everyone will love you", and its true, hard to do but true.

    our dad screwed us both over, him more than me, but we've always had eachother.

    anyway, i graduated highschool last year and my life kinda stopped, i work two dead end jobs 7 days a week and live at home. he lives in los angeles but took over my cell bill back in april when medical bills started coming in.

    well he called me today, said i need to stop dicking around and do something, i gave him the "what the F am i supposed to do?". i guess he already had a plan and had done his research. he knows me better than i know me. he basically said i am going to go enroll in school or he stops paying my cell bill and will fly out here and kick my believe he WILL kick my ass! lol

    needless to say, he already set my appointment with a counselor at a local CC. i thanked him, was kinda in shock but i know what he went through after highschool so he is doing what is best for me and i can't be more grateful.

    i'm glad to know that i have him there for me, even when i dont ask, he is putting me in the right direction. i love him to death.

    so now i am sitting here, sorta excited and nervous, but humble to say the least.

    anyway i thought i'd share with you guys something that brought my spirits up and really refulled my "soul" so to speak.


    Sounds like he's a good guy and has your best interest in mind. Glad you have an inspirational role model in your life, everybody could use one.


      Glad to see he's pointing you in the right direction. Good luck!

      Originally posted by SpasticDwarf;n6449866
      Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.


        HOW close? ;)
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          b*saint needs a big brother right now. hook him up.
          Originally posted by HarryPotter
          not to be racist but i've had multiple african americans comment on how they love my car. I've seen pics of e30's rolling through africa with at least 15-20 africans on them with ak-47's. WILD. its in the african blood. Hope this wasn't too racist, forgive me as I am intoxicated.
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            Good luck, me and my brother are same. Girlfriends, mates pr whoever come and go, brothers/sisters are blood and are the ones who you need and they need you. Thanks for sharing and get on making him proud

            Originally posted by Deltron Dirty30
            Dean, has anyone told you that youre a spitting image of English singer-songwriter and musician, james blunt?


              Good to hear/read that things are falling into place for you.

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                Part of growing up, is realizing that YOU need to start making these grown up decisions and seek advice rather than have someone tell you.
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                  Good for you. Every year you don't do it, the odds of you going to college diminish. Make sure you don't fall in with the partiers at a community college. Loads of them don't take it seriously, drop classes left and right with all sorts of seemingly plausible excuses, then ultimately drop out. Avoid people who talk a good game but don't seem to walk the talk. Find committed people in your classes and collaborate with them on the coursework. You may think they're uncool (and they may well be), but you'll find that those people stay on top of their work, doing it right away while the lecture is still fresh in their minds. This will set you up to score high marks out of the gate, and with success early on, you'll have established the mindset of a winner and sail through.

                  As for your brother, he's golden. Keep following his advice.
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                    My brothers an asshole.


                      Originally posted by bimmer206 View Post
                      My brothers an asshole.
                      mine too.
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                        That's great to hear someone's there for you. Hopefully his guidance will help show you what to do in situations going forward. That's great he's there for you, not many people have someone whose willing to help show them the way.


                          Originally posted by Deltron Dirty30 View Post
                          b*saint needs a big brother right now. hook him up.
                          Hahaha win.


                            Sounds like he's tired of paying your cell phone bill....

                            j/k that's cool, man

                            I kinda always wanted a brother. Instead I got two little sisters to


                              I don't have a brother :(

                              Originally posted by ROLLingKING
                              i have a bronzit and plan on making it look sweet.
                              Originally posted by slammin.e28
                              Moral of this story?

                              If you drive your e30 on stairs, you're gonna have a bad time.