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Virginia speeding tickets for out of staters - input?

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    Originally posted by mjimport View Post
    I'll be clear, I'm not intending on going rogue and become a fugitive of the law LoL. But in years past in Michigan it used to be common for drivers to contest the ticket and half the time the officer would not show up to the court date, which would result in the judge throwing out the violation or at least reducing to a minimum violation.

    Anyway, thanks for all the input!
    And this one

    Are we talking Michigan or Virginia? Virginia. Take the advice and pay it.

    Nothing like shirking responsibility...
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      I used to fight tickets, now I just own up and pay it. Actually, about to pay one for expired Inspection sticker on the S4. Expired back in October and I've been too lazy to fix the Exhaust leak.

      The way I see it, is I'll lose less money by paying it vs. Take off work, then classes if I get shafted.
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      Originally posted by MrBurgundy
      Anyways, mustangs are gay and mini vans are faster than your car, you just have to deal with that.


        Originally posted by TimeMachinE30 View Post

        Nothing like shirking responsibility...
        No not at all.


          Yeah dude, you're under the threshold for reckless, so either pay it or call the clerk to figure out your options. You may be able to take driving school and have the ticket dismissed depending on your record, but that might only happen if you show up to court.
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