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Youtube - Meddling in 2020 Election

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    Originally posted by decay View Post

    the irony here is that i think it's likely that the citizens united ruling would be played if it did go to court.
    if corporations are legal entities and their campaign contributions are "free speech", then why does that argument not also apply to content publishers?
    That isn't irony dude. That is the crux of the whole issue. If they ARE publishers, then everyone knows that iterated game. But they claim to be a platform and under the law, they are afforded certain protections that publishers do not get. When they are publishing, but claim to be a platform, they are a publisher.

    Viva explains the difference beautifully: A platform is a book store and a publisher decides what books get written and what goes to press. When a book store begins to edit the content of books in the store, it is a publisher and loses legal protections. Since only one political viewpoint is being edited out, blocked, taken down, demonetized, then YouTube is now a publisher. Fine, now we know YouTube is a liberal publisher and conservatives aren't welcome there. But that's not what they are saying and they are not liable for the editing they do because they state they are a platform while simultaneously editing user's content. That is the crux of the whole issue.
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