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    Drawing/Tooling Design Thread

    I've been designing and fabricating a lot of parts at work since I have access to SolidWorks, Lathes, CNC mills, and piles of scrap material.

    Could a new thread be started in the E30 Technical Forums section to host images/pdfs/STEP files of different designs? Ideally new threads would have to be approved, just like the FAQ and DIY section.

    Some examples of tooling designs that I'd like to share (excuse the covered text, I need to remove my company's info from the drawings):

    Bosch 0221503002 Bracket:

    Control Arm Bushing Press:

    1987 - 325i Convertible Delphin Auto [SOLD], 325i Convertible Delphin Manual [SOLD]
    1989 - 325i Convertible Bronzit m30b35 swapped [SCRAPPED], 325i Sedan Alpine Auto[DD]
    1991 - 325i Coupe Laguna Manual [Project], 535i Sedan Alpine [SCRAPPED]

    I like the idea, I have some different tools I have made up I could add.

    Mostly ones that could be 3D printed as most don't have access to machinery to make in metal

    Flywheel seal installer
    Front seal installer
    Int shaft seal installer
    Piston ring square tool
    Tapered piston ring compressor

    I think I have a couple others

    My M20 Frankenbuild(s)
    4 Sale - Fully Built TurnKey Megasquirt Plug and Play EMS


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