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Full interior seats on Craigslist.

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    Originally posted by Tonys18t View Post
    Thats some pretty wicked work right there. Hit me up dude, i have a couple of Impalas i need to do. was out getting quotes today
    Will do, let me get back home and I'll hit you up.
    @IRON-E30 aka Edwin:D


      The seats look sawgie as if the there is too much material and not pulled tight enough. Also the piping is pretty crooked. If the person took a little more care it could be pretty nice job. I've picked up a couple sets of torn up sport seats for about $100 a set. All that matters is that the mechanical components work properly. I picked up replacement foam bolsters for the drivers side for about $10 at the junk yard. I've gotten some pretty good local price quotes from lowrider shops that do impeccable work on $100k+ show cars.
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        so what happened? were they crap or a nice set after all?


          I'm still waiting on it. I talked to the guy and he said the front seats are done he is working on my rear seats now. He is also giving the seat with a ski hole since I have that option already. Seems like a good guy but I hope the seats are as good as he is over the phone. I will keep you guys updated.


            Nice! I'm staying tuned in to see what you end up getting.



              Originally posted by IRON-E View Post
              Will do, let me get back home and I'll hit you up.
              i guess you forgot
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              Fender Rolling for dirt cheap in SoCal. Hit me up.

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