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Frank Macaluso E30/E36 Gathering Binghamton, NY August 3, 2019

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    Frank Macaluso E30/E36 Gathering Binghamton, NY August 3, 2019

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    Hey Guys! Some of you may remember or know me from some of my past projects. Sorry the pictures/links in the old build threads appear to be broken. Don't know why. Can't embed youtube videos, so I'll just provide links if you wanted to check out my projects.

    E30 M60 turned S62

    E21 S54

    And my latest ongoing project E31 S85 V10

    I want the invite you to my home located in the Binghamton Area, NY on Saturday, August 3rd. Timeframe is flexible but due to the distance, I would think 11am to 4pm is most appropriate! Address to be provided once I start drumming up some interest. I know it’s far for most from buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and especially NYC/LI. But I was thinking this would be low key – opportunities to get some people to meet other enthusiasts in the community.

    So why should you come?
    • Free Food/bbq – Catered by Food and Fire
    • Free Beer (in moderation, drink responsibly)
    • Free Lift time in my garage for anyone who wants (15min courtesy to inspect only)
    • I will have my swapped BMW’s here for viewing for any of you looking for inspiration, including the up and coming E36 N54 swap. Should be done by June.

    Youtube Link here if you were interested in seeing my latest updates on my E36 N54 Swap or any of the other projects I've been working.

    Or if you'd prefer, you can find me on instagram

    I may have fallen off the map for a while and that was mainly because of my growing family taking most of my time, but 2019 is ramping up to be a good year I wanted to rekindle some of the old friendships and get to know some new people in the community.

    This is intended to be a private get-together to meet fellow enthusiasts and their families if they wish. My property is private, quiet, and has some nice views. Due to the size of my property, I plan to limit the size to the first 20 cars.

    -Green is my garage with the lift
    -Red is my driveway up the hill to my house
    -Blue is where all are recommended to park, along the driveway

    I have plenty of parking room for the 20 cars. Either on my driveway or on the grass adjacent. I expect a group of enthusiasts to respect my neighborhood like they respect their car. I’m inviting you to my home. I revere my cars and I expect no less from the people who visit for the day. I think it goes without saying to respect the property, the neighborhood, and just have fun!

    Let me know what you guys think and I’ll get a list of attendees going. Thanks and hope to see you there!

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    Recent Rebranding!!
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    E30 SM62/S62
    E30 M60 V8
    E30 M30 Big 6!

    Check out this E36 N54 Swap Build

    I think I’m going to post this in a different forum. Maybe Instagram or Facebook. R3V seems like traffic is significantly diminished in recent years

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    Recent Rebranding!!
    Visit Garageaholic for all of your E30 Swap Needs!
    E30 SM62/S62
    E30 M60 V8
    E30 M30 Big 6!

    Check out this E36 N54 Swap Build


      Be careful what you wish for Frank! From what I understand the Facebook crowd is quite different from the forum crowd...
      Originally posted by kronus
      would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


        Hey Frank, I'd be a solid tentative. Really depends on if I end up getting my engine in and running reliably! This seems like a lot of fun. Would be coming from Vermont.
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          I'd stop by, but it's a bit far.

          I think we met like 10 years ago at a meet at Ben's shop in CT, but I might be remembering wrong.


            Very Cool! I'm also checking in after being away for many months because of family too. I'm in the Boston area, so probably won't be taking the trek with my one year old, but wanted to show my support for this gathering with a bump.