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FS: 1987 325iS Plastic Bumper Swap - Alpine White

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    FS: 1987 325iS Plastic Bumper Swap - Alpine White

    ************Asking $6,000*************

    After 15 years of owning an e30 it’s time to move on. For now! As near and dear as this car is to me, it’s the right time to sell it. Looking to buy a ring for the future Mrs! If a R3v member buys this car I will donate $100 from the sale to keep R3v's servers running. This site was a huge part of my inspiration and helped me learn so much from a lot of amazing enthusiasts! I would love to see it go to a forum member more than anything.

    I’ll try to keep this simple, yet thorough. Please don’t hesitate to ask for details or pictures on anything!

    - 1987 325iS


    - -Great condition original paint job (Alpine White)
    - -16” BBS RS replica wheels with new tires (couple hundred miles on them)
    - -iS side skirts
    - -Euro plate filler
    - -Mtech 1 spoiler (currently only black rubber section is on. Paint matched insert piece is detached, in process of repainting)
    - -Unknown aftermarket rear bumper (Anyone know what it is?)
    - -iS lip with black splitter
    - -Fully refurbished OEM foglights w/ yellow lamin-X film
    - -Euro grilles
    - -Non-pitted, great condition Ellipsoid headlights (w/ 6000k HID’s)
    - -Plastic bumper swap
    - -Euro bumper trim (plastic bumper euro trim)
    - -Almost new windshield
    - -Smoked turn signals

    - -E30 M3 front seats (Decent condition for 30 year old leather seats anyway)
    - -Ski pass rear bench seat with rear headrests installed
    - -Mtech 1 steering wheel
    - -Euro check panel
    - -Power mirrors, sunroof, and windows
    - -Pop-out rear windows

    - -Rebuilt motor w/ roughly 165-175k miles on it (ODO stopped working a few years ago, but minimal miles put on since)
    - -New Bilstein Sport shocks & struts with new strut & shock mount kit (less than 3k miles)
    - -Front strut bar
    - -Spark plugs replaced (10/2017)
    - -O2 sensor replaced (10/2017)
    - -Fuel system adjustment (10/17)
    - -Rebuilt Driveshaft (9/2015)
    - -Driveshaft flex joint replaced (9/2015)
    - -Control arms/bushings replaced (9/2015)
    - -Tie rod assembly replaced (9/2015)
    - -Throttle boot replaced (9/2015)
    - -Booster vacuum hose replaced (9/2015)
    - -Battery replaced (6/2020)
    - -Drive belts replaced (6/2015)
    - -Valve Adjustment (7/2014)

    Here are the issues/wear and tear report on the car:

    EXTERIOR - -Small crack in 1 taillight
    - -Splitter has a crack in it (essentially making it 2 pieces, but very much “functional”)
    - -One fog light doesn’t turn on (I most likely wired it terribly, as I’m awful with wiring)
    - -Mtech 1 spoiler is off at the moment (in the middle of being repainted)

    -Driver side interior door handle is seized or broken. I have a replacement door handle but have failed to properly install it yet – door card is currently off as a result)
    -Top part of shift knob is loose
    -Driver’s side seat has some wear and tear
    -Sunroof still opens, but isn’t as smooth in doing so (has a hitch in it)
    -Check panel lights come on when they shouldn’t be (classic problem)
    -Drivers side knee bolster needs to be reinstalled (I still have I believe)
    -Gauge cluster not functioning properly (Sometimes speed gauge will go dead, the odometer only works about half of time but this only started happening a few thousand miles ago, oddly no problems with RPM, engine temp, or fuel gauges)
    -CD player needs to be replaced (but who needs music when your car sounds so much better!)
    -No glovebox

    -Rough start/idle due to improperly replaced fuel injectors (one is likely stuck open causing some white exhaust smoke. Ran fine prior)
    -Windshield washers do not work (Local shop in Redmond previously fixed this issue but it came back shortly after, our family no longer uses that shop now among other reasons)
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    Super tempting!! PM sent
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      Sweet deal!!! perfect for a m30 swap
      no more boosted m20, 91 318i...


        You mention Redmond, where are you located? Probably won't last but I'll be up in Renton in a couple weeks.

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          Woah this is cool


            Pm'd you! In Portland and would love to take a look this weekend. Thanks


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