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Originally Posted by zaq123 View Post
61131378408 for the connector housing. Get a few of them as they always are broken on E30s, just look under the hood. Rubber boot is unknown....could never find it anywhere.

If the actual wires/connectors are busted (they are sealed connectors), you would need 2 of these (inside the above mentioned housing) - 61130007442 (larges gauge wire) or 61130007441
Thanks for the part numbers. I gambled last week and ordered two of the 61130007441 connectors. My old ones crumbled apart and were covered in gunk. The new ones fit snugly onto the fuel pump's pins, and I'm going to try to connect the new wire connectors into the existing wires after I pick up some heat shrink butt connectors.

I'll see if I can get by without the connector housing 61131378408 for now.
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