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So, the basic RWD 24V engine swap uses E36 mount arms to mount at the E30 RWD mount locations, right?
The M54 has the same mount pattern as the M50 & M52, right? And the E46 mount arms work as well?

From the information I have now, I will need to do the following:
Buy E36/E46 RWD mount arms.
Buy E53 6 cylinder mount arms.

Have the CMM guy build a report for each one that will show me where the mount pad locations are relative to the bolt pattern on the block.
Are those the right mount arms to select for that method?

Since I have the E30 RWD locations on the crossmember now, I should "just" be able to add E53 mount locations by using the location of the mount pad on the E53 mount arm relative to the location of the mount pad on the E36 mount arm, with both referenced to the block bolt pattern.

The con for using the E53 mount arms is that the E53 mount mounts to a flange on the body side and an angled stud on the mount arm side. The stud is NOT perpendicular to the mount flange. The E53 mount is ~$115 each. I *can* set the crossmember up to use a "normal" mount at the E53 angle... that just adds yet another level of complexity.

What's the "normal" 24V swap engine mount?

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