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I'm going to go with a 3.46. I was playing around with the final drive ratios on Forza 7, while it's not a perfectly accurate representation since I used an S38-equipped car, it definitely gave me a better idea of what I want.

Ok, and now I want to vent about some cooling issues. Pun intended.

Since the day this car was bought I have never been confident in it's cooling system. The previous owner said just run the fan whenever I'm driving. The gauge would always fluctuate from the middle line to the red zone. It would never reach the red but it would never stay in the middle either. I've always just thought this is how M30 swaps were because of lack of clutch fan.

I've changed every cooling bit. From radiator, to hoses, to new thermostat bleed screw. The radiator and pump came after a hose burst on my first long drive (About 40 miles). It still runs the same even after all this recent work.

But I think I may have figured it out. I would like some feedback before I drain the coolant again.

I went over the swap on many threads and on the e30 wiki. Everything is the same as what I have aside from the lack of a heater. It was supposed to be a drift build before I came in so there's no heat/ac. The fan doesn't even work or I'd try and put heat back.

From the E30wiki it shows two sets of hoses that go to the heater core, as they should. PO skipped that and added an extra piece of hose that tied everything together. There was a huge piece of hose that went from the radiator back to the starter, where it had a kink blocking flow, and then to the expansion tank. I thought that was my issue so I simplified it to my revision. That hasn't worked which made me read more today and maybe have finally realized my mistake.

From E30 Wiki - M30 Swap

PO's Heater Delete

My "Revision"

I'm thinking this is way better than his version because A) it get's rid of the kink near the starter and B) less hose? I obviously don't understand too much about coolant flow and other technicalities.


After reading more today and discovering new info I realized me and the PO are both wrong, instead of looping they should have been plugged. So I think my fix is to separate those two line from that T connection and that'll essentially be the same as if I would have plugged them from the beginning.

I don't know what I'm doing. Any input?

And some good news. I found a cheap storage unit where I can keep a car and parts. 3rd car coming soon?

1989 M30 Alpine Coupe
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