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Originally Posted by PDXPeter View Post
Not a movie but an interesting E30 makes an appearance in EP 10 of this season's Grand Tour.
Yeah, I laughed my ass off at the hoonage.
I do things.
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Bumblebee movie (transformers). About :45 in to the clip is when the fun starts.

Absolute destruction... but the scene is hilarious Sorry not sorry


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Originally Posted by Aleman View Post
My kids said Captain Marvel had a few E30s in it.

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Confirmed, just saw it yesterday. Lots of fun 90's cars.
We're in deep now boys
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BMW Japan has made this short movie about father and son with our e30 being an integral part of the story. It's quite dramatic if you choose to watch the whole 20 minutes of it.

The funny bit was when they showed the car after an "accident", see if you can spot what I mean...

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Old 04-15-2019, 03:13 PM   #770
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^^ incredible. thank you so much for posting!
I love how the car interior is indigo, just like his dye business

the 'accident' lol - just disassembled the bumper and grille

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Neat early-model 4 door in the background. Were e30s meant for yuppies or teenage girls with rich papas?

Edit: oops not a movie but whtevr
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