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E30 M3 Big Brake Kit Front and Rear Wilwood Superlite Calipers

Hey R3V-

I ended up with this E30 M3 big brake kit, and I think it's too much for my setup. It's an extremely nice kit, very lightweight, etc, but I think I am going to stick with stock calipers/rotors for my setup.

Onto the information:


This was originally sold by Classic Daily as 314/311mm rotor sizes. Turns out after ample research, this kit uses E36M3 rotors which is very nice for rotor availability (325x28F and 312x20R). The rotors that come with the kit look fine. I am going to clean them up before sale, but wanted to get the kit out there before I did that. I cannot verify if they are warped or not because I have not run this kit on my car. They are one piece rotors- fronts are Brembo and rears I cannot identify a brand.


The pads that are in the calipers now are practically new. It also comes with a few more compounds that are a bit more used but still have life on them.


The calipers are all Wilwood Superlite units which appear to be in good shape. Front and rear are four piston. The fronts are nicely clearanced for what I assume to be wheel fitment. Jake put these inside of a 16" E28 M5 wheel and they cleared no problem. A birdie says they can even fit in a 15" wheel but I cannot confirm this.

Front caliper weight w/bracket: 6lb 15oz
Rear caliper weight w/bracket: 6lb 11oz

Brake lines-

There were only front stainless brake lines that came with the kit. Each caliper has a nice fitting on the back of it and all appear to be in good shape. I will try to confirm what size this is to see if stock sized lines can be used for the calipers, or if other lines will need to be sourced.

What you may be wondering (much like myself) is: how does this setup work with the E36M3 rotors and E30M3 hubs without altering offset?

It appears that the caliper brackets are quite thick, placking the caliper rearwards towards the strut housing. Clearance on the tie rod lever is currently unknown. I am still waiting for my E30M3 strut housings to arrive before I test fitment and confirm this for a potential buyer. Once I get those in I should be able to get measurements for offset and clearance.

Price: $1600 shipped (shipped in two 59lb boxes)

If you have stock E30 M3 Calipers with brackets I would considering doing a partial trade.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have attached Jake's photos of the kit, as well as a few of my own. If you want any specifics or close ups, let me know and I can send over what you need.

m3 brake kit 1 by Bobbie Morrone, on Flickr
m3 brake kit 2 by Bobbie Morrone, on Flickr
m3 brake kit 3 by Bobbie Morrone, on Flickr
m3 brake kit 4 by Bobbie Morrone, on Flickr
Untitled by Bobbie Morrone, on Flickr
Untitled by Bobbie Morrone, on Flickr
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