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1971 Datsun 510 SR20

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    Originally posted by Julien View Post
    30k, it seems reasonable for knock off brides, no door panels, captain morgan ebrake boot and a mexican blanket rear seat upholstery

    Car has all brand new interior panels. The rear seats are cover with the blanket so they werent damaged during the restoration. I have a second pair of seats for the front as well. The brides were in it when I purchased it. Anymore smartadd comments anyone?


      Is it really that hard to take an updated picture of the interior?


        once a price tag like that goes on a car on this forum youre basically kicking the door open for critizim.

        most people should just carry on unless they're interested in purchasing.
        leaving know it all comments or what not usually doesnt help get the car to a new home.
        taking jabs at the OP just opens another can of sh!t that wont help anything.

        but there is some advice being thrown your way that in fact will help sell your car:

        30k is a chunk of change and almost anyone putting that money toward almost any item will want to be very very well informed. show the value of the vehicle and show how your price is actually a deal.

        your 510 seems like a well put together car, the swap looks like it was done correctly, the picture of the interior can scare some people off, everything else has basically been done to taste and if someone wants to change it thats something to consider once purchased, the car needs some things to be sorted out but over all not bad.

        sort out what you can without dumping funds into the car, show the rear seat, switch the buckets, clean detail, take it to the nicest spots in your area snap some professional photographer inspired pictures and repost it.

        25-30k ASKING price doesnt seem like a bad start, you know what you have in the car and what it will take for you to let it go. BAT or Ebay may be your best bet if you want to move the car asap if not keep trying forums JNC is a good spot to get on as well since its catered to older jap cars.

        as for everyone else, stop the bashing you can easily PM him and give the advice or just let the AD fall into the graveyard if no interest comes his way.


          If it were a shitbox m3 in similar condition thought, we'd be butt slapping, high fiving and saying things like "drool wish I had the cash".

          Carry on.


            Post some half-decent pictures and all the details for the work done and we'll talk more. Interested due to the body work that was done.


              Any interest in a newly built e28 from Classic Daily with a built LS1/T56?


                It's ok OP, most people on here would be lucky to get $2500 for their shitbag e30. Last time I checked 510 prices are going crazy and yours has a seemingly nicely swapped SR20 to boot. Good luck with the sale and remember a car is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Bitchin car in my opinion.


                  hah, and I ALMOST didnt click this ad. glad i did, it was quite an entertaining read. i guarantee this car will not sell to someone on this forum but good luck OP either way. i know nothing about the value/history but it looks sweet


                    Thank you all. I will be going to the car this week and will get all the detailed pictures I can. I will get a video of the car as well.


                      Car looks sweet and is a super clean swap. May not be on the level of the comparable you posted but a very cleans swap none the less. Got to ask tho... is that really a wood screw holding the head lights in place?!?


                        Originally posted by agent View Post
                        Yeah but that one was signed by Pete Brock and didn't need a headliner.

                        Isn't their rules against "Thread crapping"


                          1971 Datsun 510 SR20

                          Originally posted by peasouped View Post
                          hahaha ball busters man

                          You'll quickly realize thats all he does. Great car man. Price seems a little steep but im not a Datsun guy.

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                            Originally posted by E63 View Post
                            Car looks sweet and is a super clean swap. May not be on the level of the comparable you posted but a very cleans swap none the less. Got to ask tho... is that really a wood screw holding the head lights in place?!?
                            Hah no it is not a wood screw. They are sheet metal trim screws. Very common thing used on cars in the 60's and 70's. They were there prior to the restoration and replaced with new ones when the restoration was done.

                            Here is the shop that did the restoration:


                              Originally posted by Anubis
                              Nice car. Is there something unbelievably rare about this that I'm just not seeing.... Price is laughably outrageous. Just went locally to look at an E30 with full imported black top SR20 jdm, AEM standalone, garrett30r, 5 lug swap, and so on for 10K.... and he's got millions of up to date photos. Similar swaps go for something similar.. GLWS...
                              If I thought the price was outragous I would not be asking the number I am for it(I know the market really well). 510's are not really comparable to a swapped e30 non M. These cars are very rare and even more rare being rust/rot free, coupe, and straight body. Sure my OP may not be the best picture and description wise, but I will clean it up as soon as I get the chance. You got a link to that e30 because that peaks my interest lol


                                Hey - I don't much about the market for 510s, but an Sr20 powered 510 sounds awesome to me... I even like the Mexican blanket
                                diamantschwarz 1991 318is