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1984 BMW 325e with 56,000 original miles.

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    1984 BMW 325e with 56,000 original miles.

    Hello Members,

    I was just wondering if my BMW is collectible and what they usually sell for. I bought my car from the original owner and I have replaced everything that has gotten old with genuine BMW parts. The biggest expense was the timing belt and everything that surround it. All rubber fuel lines, pressure regulator, spark plugs, drivers door electric motor, tail light gaskets, ground straps, car cover, better custom fitted floor mats (all four) than the ugly black ones that are in the photo, used radio bezel (the previous owner broke it taking the radio out), drivers door stop hinge, battery, alternator, complete stainless steel exhaust system (Magnaflow and only thing not genuine BMW) with a new BMW oxygen sensor etc.....
    The only down side to my car is that it is automatic transmission. Here are a few pictures. Thanks.


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    Sure it's collectible. I'd say it's probably worth about $9k, but could go either higher or lower at auction. You can look at recent BaT auctions to get an idea. This auto 88 eta with 53k miles sold for $9,525 on 2/12/20: One with 13k miles sold for $16,900 on 1/20/20.
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      Thanks Andrew.


        Those seat covers are *not* doing you any favors. Your challenge here is that this is very close to the least desirable E30 out there, worst color, absolute worst transmission (three speed auto!!!!). I would expect a significant discount from an equivalent 1988, which would be the best eta engine, with a much better transmission.
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          I’m not a collector but I would pay $8-10k for an E30 Eta in that condition. It does not have any non-factory looking modifications (most E30s I see for sale have cosmetic modifications done to them that do not look factory, which I find repulsive), has the torquey, long-lasting, fuel-efficient Eta engine (my favorite E30 engine by far due to its fantastic driveability), and an automatic transmission (which makes it easy to drive). My only concern is the exhaust and how loud it is - I absolutely hate noisy exhausts. The beige color I am not a fan of but I admit it is a low maintenance color compared to black (my favorite color). Auto Etas make great fun effortless daily drivers. Do keep in mind that I am in a minority when it comes to the E30 community.


            Hello Members, The elderly lady that owned the car had her mechanics put those front seat covers on it. I would have liked it to have come with a standard transmission, but this is how I bought it. The exhaust sound exactly like the original. I replaced it because it was original and was close to have rust holes forming. The Germans called the color of my car "Bronzitbeige-Metalic. All the glass is original and the VIN number is acid etched into each window. I replaced both fog lights and also the low pitch horn. The car is as solid as a rock. It drives straight and stops perfectly. I replaced all fuel lines, clamps and hoses with genuine BMW parts.


              Its a really nice looking original car. But I would say it will be on the lower end of the spectrum for collectors. ETAs are cool so that doesn't bring it down much, I think the 3sp Auto and the Bronzit lowers the value over a comparable car. With E30 values these days being so up it would be worth around $9k-$10k or more because of the mileage on BAT. Private sale probably not as much. 4-5 years ago that car was under $5k all day.

              Here is a Bronzit Vert which sometimes gets more sometimes gets less depending but its better equipped and has lower miles.

              This one confuses the hell out of me. It went for $11500 and its a sedan so maybe you could get over $10k.

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