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Currently in Germany and may be able to grab a few parts if anyone is interested

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    Currently in Germany and may be able to grab a few parts if anyone is interested

    Hey guys, I've not been on r3v in some time (I had three e30s, but after an accident with the last one I used the insurance money from the other kid to buy and e46 330)

    I'm currently in Germany and will be here for an internship until the end of August. I've gone to four junkyards here looking for a few parts for some people and have found a good amount of stuff for e30s that I'm thinking about picking up.

    What I've found thus far:

    Euro smilies
    Euro gage clusters
    cool touring stuff, like the rear wiper switch
    Euro 15x7 basket weaves (I spoke with a guy that said he could possibly get me a few sets)
    Euro grills

    What I've seen amazing lack of:

    euro check pannels
    m3s just laying around. Seriously, I've had people ask me to look for evo parts... not going to happen.

    As far as the OBCs go I'm told I should ask in the offices of the major places as those are usually grabbed when the cars first come in, so I'll try that next weekend when I go out.

    I'm probably going to be doing some research into what it would cost to ship stuff to the US from here, and what stuff costs over here, but if anyone is looking for anything let me know.

    Also: I'm told the euro smilies in the e34s are the same as in the e30s, and I've been told their different, can anyone say which is true from actually KNOWING it, and not just reiterating other people's words?

    I found this little guy yesterday:
    (100% complete touring.. at first I thought they had just parked it in the wrong place... theres no way a complete touring could be here, but yep)

    and I grabbed this while I was there:

    It was literally just laying around.

    one of the junkyards I went to... they don't mess around:

    another one outside of Hamburg

    in the same yard...

    id like a set of the grills and smileys and maybe the euro weaves but what kinda prices what it be?? and possibly 87-down valence

    PM me with some prices if you can. thanks
    85 325e 5spd


      Good score on the junkyards and the Alpina wheel.


        Late model m tech 2 body kit :)


          euro bumpers headlight wipers mtech door sills for a vert or coupe. cool how many e30s on average in each yard?
          My Multi car part out. Need a part? Pm me...

          Need 24v swap parts? How about a LSD? Plastic Bumpers? Or anything else click here...

          Have you done business with me? If so leave me feedback here...


            Any clean MHW late model tail lights?


              Depending on prices, I would be interested in a set of smileys with wiring and grills.




                Grills I think I'd do for $40 a set
                smilies for probably $250
                basket weaves for $250 provided I could get them for the price I was told
                valence may be kinda hard to find... and shipping would rape you.

                Boomer: thanks! It was fun to barter with a guy in German for it "but its all dirty, come on"

                'e30love' tell you what: IF I find one, I'll go through the hassle to ship it, just bc it would be that hard to find and that epic. lol

                ill4noreason: when I asked a guy how much for a set of eurobumpers at a yard he told me 200 euros (about $280)... so that wouldn't be worth it for you at all. If I can find any reasonable ones I'll pull them, but shipping will be expensive.

                I'll look for wipers, but haven't seen any on e30s yet. mtech may be hard to find too, but I'll be looking for it.

                I went to one yard that had 15 or 20, one that only had 2... the first yard was the largest (over 2500 cars they say) and the second one had probably 2000, so the size of the yard doesn't seem to matter; they all have some, but sometimes only a handful.

                Robertk: whats a MHW? sorry.

                also: guys i haven't seen one check panel or 13 button obc yet, so those may be hard to find. I'm considering working as a middle man if anyone needs to get stuff shipped to the us from germany. message me if you need this.


                  late model rear bumper trim?

                  S54B32 swap in progress. Status: Getting There


                    very interested in the euroweaves!!
                    1972 2002Tii


                      Why didn't you snag those seats?
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                      Originally posted by DEV0 E30
                      You'd chugg this butt. I know you would. Ain't gotta' lie to kick it brostantinople.


                        M-Tech 2 Steering Wheel. Stat!
                        Need a part? PM me.

                        Get your Bass on. Luke's r3v Boxes are here:


                          Euro grills?


                            those seats ... a set of five euroweaves, euro smilies ... I think the list goes on. Do you think you can fit an S-14 in your carryon back to the states?
                            Parts Collector and Former Houndstooth interior junkie.


                              E36 euro steering wheel?

                              Originally posted by ROLLingKING
                              i have a bronzit and plan on making it look sweet.
                              Originally posted by slammin.e28
                              Moral of this story?

                              If you drive your e30 on stairs, you're gonna have a bad time.