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    Originally posted by ak- View Post
    The fuck is wrong with you? He finds peace in his own way which happens to be the faith he lives by and follows. And with that peace he is able to wake up the next day not ape-shit mad like you and your reply.
    Shut up.
    Have to agree.. I am not religious at all, but have massive respect for Yan, for keeping his and letting it guide him through this situation.

    ///M Inside


      Originally posted by Mr. Horsepower View Post
      Religion sickens me, that's why! I don't live my life after a old history book...
      People have different views on life, but this one was especially good. Why not just go and murder Vlad, that is also OK according to the holy book!

      Take your hate somewhere else, please.
      Originally posted by JinormusJ
      Don't buy an e30

      They're stupid
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        You are truly your brothers keeper! I am a Navy Sailor stationed in Japan who owns a 89 Mtech that I will be importing in Jan 2014 and was planning on taking it straight to youngs auto body. I also have a 91 Brilliantrot 318is that I was planing to take it and leave it there when I go on leave early next year. I was on their site looking at the work for an hour on Satuarday and for certain was going to spend easily 10K with the establishment.

        I have not heard from the other side, but I if someone had all that to say about me, as a man and business owerner I would have to defend myself and my business. The word is out and the streets have spoken, you and your car will be fine! God is in control. Thanks for the imput and it will save many others.

        PS I support any organization to help Yan and his car get justice.

        Hope to hear Vlad's side of the story!!!

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          Originally posted by Mr. Horsepower View Post
          Religion sickens me, that's why! I don't live my life after a old history book...
          People have different views on life, but this one was especially good. Why not just go and murder Vlad, that is also OK according to the holy book!
          You need to zip it on the religious views rite now. This thread needs to be kept civil. And bashing the OP for his views on how he chooses to live his life isnt the thing to be complaining about in this thread. The OP only said one thing about it. Then you went on a rant about it.

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            Well,reading this made me feel bad in so many ways.
            That was a complete and utter epic fuck up.
            I m sorry for YAN and I m still amazed at his attitude.
            I hope you ll get your car fixed soon.

            As for banning Vlad,I must say I found a new respect for R3v.
            The thing is that banning him not only means he cant
            talk shit for another customer (always a no-no)
            but it will hurt both his rep and his business.
            I doubt that there s anything worse for a shop owner.
            Fuck the 6000$.He ll now loose way way more than that.
            And economy is seriously fucked up for anyone to afford a
            fail like the above.

            So,thumbs up again for the way YAN and R3v treated this.
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            Originally Posted by aaron_silva
            It is always frustrating having a harsh ride when
            you arent in the right mind set.


              I wonder if Sonny's claims on the MB wheels should have been more respected?

              Originally posted by TDE30
              What is this faggy shit I have happened upon?
              Originally posted by slammin.e28
              I can always live in a M3. Can't M3 a house.


                I thought the same, long before I learned of Yan or M3 Troy's stories.
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                Originally posted by mbonanni
                I hate modded emtree, I hate modded cawrz, I hate jdm, I hate swag, I hate stanceyolokids, I hate bags (on cars), I hate stuff that is slowz, I hate tires.

                I am a pursit now.


                  Originally posted by Lof8 View Post
                  I wonder if Sonny's claims on the MB wheels should have been more respected?
                  there was more to the wheel thing than what got posted publically, let's just say.
                  Build thread



                    Man ive been following this since it started i dont like to get into things like this...,
                    Really sucks for Yan hes a really good guy...
                    Hope he can get his M fixed/

                    Me personally never had bad experiences with vlad, hes always helped and answered any question i had but from reading his post on and just the fact of taking the car without permision has made me see another side of him i have never seen, but been told allot about from a good friend who lived in the US and knew him form his days working with Azevedo...Hes always warned me about Vlad and said hes work was not really good...

                    Guys this shit is even famous in Puerto Rico, where 90% of the people are not in forums and have no idea who Vlad is but they all have all found out about what happened and no one can believe it...

                    Hope Yan the best and hope Vlad gets what he deserves... :(
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                      Guys I am speechless! Thanks for all the support! I really don't know what to say


                        Keep your head up Yan, it was a beautiful M3 and it will be again.

                        I will be purchasing a few stickers once a design is realized.

                        And I have to agree that not only driving it without your permission, but after expressly forbidding it is actually, to me, worse than the paint job situation. Was the rear rotor scored? Or was it fixed so it could be driven??
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                          About the religious comment a few posts back, while I agree TO AN EXTENT, Yan is doing what he believes is right and you can't really fault him for that. I do feel bad about what has happened and Yan is a very strong person to let go and let karma take care of things.

                          I do want to apologize to Yan for a while back on one of his wtb threads, as it took place during the early part of this mishap and I loled at his thread. No harm meant against you man.

                          I think the mods did a good thing with the action they took, and I respect the action they are taking now.
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                          Originally posted by DEV0 E30
                          You'd chugg this butt. I know you would. Ain't gotta' lie to kick it brostantinople.


                            Mods, great job. I believe you did the right thing.

                            YAN, Your composure and patience are indicative of your faith, your passing of this test is glory to god and a wonderful testimony.(1pet1:7)

                            Thank you for your service to our country.

                            Also, check your PM.

                            Originally posted by StewStewIloveyouyou
                            hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah f--- this community its like am making my life with you guys
                            And am making my life with you guy too. ;)


                              Where did all these Vlad lovers go.


                                That was Vlads car, then he sold it. Not defending Vlad but you are being retarded.

                                Originally posted by vlad View Post
                                I will list the car for sale shortly. As far as I am concerned, the car is done.

                                I have 2 other E30 projects that I will concentrate on...

                                Everything works on this car, I fixed all the bugs and shortcuts and it drives perfectly. Hope it will go to someone who will appreciate the rarity and the beauty of this henna. It will be a very reliable and fun car for the years to come